London, UK – 13 February 2012: A new report by Magus and Investis, entitled “How mobile-ready is the FTSE100?” provides crucial insight into how FTSE100 companies are responding to the rapid growth of the mobile web – and where the opportunities lie.

With web visits from mobile devices forecast to overtake desktop access by 2014, this report, which can be downloaded from, looks at how well corporate websites are positioned to take advantage of the rapid rise in mobile web access.

Key survey findings:

*Only 20% of FTSE100 corporate websites currently provide support for mobile devices

*The performance of existing FTSE100 corporate mobile sites is hampered by poor usability, with sites averaging 4.25 mobile compliance issues / page

*65% of FTSE100 corporates with mobile sites are failing to use device detection technology, meaning their mobile content will be effectively invisible to many users

These results are indicative of the scale of the challenge facing corporate web owners, as companies struggle to adjust to the pace of change, both in terms of mobile hardware and software, and the step change in user behaviour and expectations which this has brought about.

Even those companies at the forefront of mobile site provision are struggling to adapt to the format, with investment being undermined by basic failings in execution.

However, for those firms ready to embrace the challenge, the opportunities are huge. Recent research shows that companies that provide mobile-optimised content outperform those that don’t by 80% in terms of year-over-year increase in web traffic and achieve a 55% greater year-over year increase in the number of repeat visitors*. Essentially, for companies with the ability to get there early and get it right, the mobile web presents an unrivalled opportunity to seize competitive advantage and grow audience share.

Al Loehnis, Business Development Director, Investis, says: “It’s clear from this survey that the needs of mobile visitors are not being met by most FTSE100 websites. The field remains very much open for companies to become leaders in this area and the business benefits for those who do will be significant.”

Simon Lande, CEO, Magus, says: “The mobile web is growing at incredible speed. To take advantage of this trend companies need to be in a position to provide a consistent, high quality user experience across their digital channels. There are mobile-specific technical, usability, and accessibility standards readily available – the companies that start using these in combination with multi-channel quality monitoring will see the greatest benefit.”

The full results and analysis can be downloaded as a whitepaper from


*Research by Aberdeen Group

For media information, please contact:

*Al Loehnis, Business Development Director, Investis, +44 (0)207 038 9005
*Laura Adams, Marketing Manager, Magus, +44 (0)20 7019 4700

**About Magus**
Magus is the leader in website governance and compliance, helping global enterprises achieve online excellence through our award-winning ActiveStandards™ website quality monitoring platform. ActiveStandards supports the daily web governance programs for some of the largest brands in the world, including Unilever, Shell, ING, Rolls-Royce, Philips, Alcatel-Lucent, AkzoNobel and Thomson Reuters.

Magus champions industry standards on website governance and was instrumental in developing the BSI British Standards Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 124 “Defining, implementing and managing website policies and standards”.

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**About Investis**
Investis is Europe’s leading specialist in digital corporate communications for public companies. Services include the design, build, hosting and management of corporate websites and mobile sites as well as iOS and Android app development, social media solutions, and video and webcasting.

Investis works with over 1,000 companies in 30 countries across the globe, from the smallest companies to the largest, including more than 50% of the FTSE100.

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Published on: 12:32PM on 14th February 2012