Essentials Links Will Give Online Marketers Unrivalled Competitive Data Advantage

London, UK – 14 February, 2012 – Searchmetrics, the world leader in search and social analytics software, today announced that it is adding a new backlink analysis module to its Searchmetrics Essentials online software, which already includes SEO, Paid Search, Keywords, Universal Search and Social analytics modules.

The new Links solution is available initially as an open beta launch which means it is free for approximately three months as long as users register. While the total number of links in the database will initially be limited to allow performance testing during the beta phase, Searchmetrics says it has worked hard on developing a tool that will provide detailed insights about a domain’s backlinks and adds brand new reports that are unique in the market.

Some of the key features of the new software include the ability to:

• Identify new links
• Determine the ratio between image links and text links
• Identify IP addresses, TLD (Top Level Domain) and geolocation information for links
• Analyse which industries backlinks are coming from and identify link strategies by industry of your competitors
• Identify the types of pages that links are coming from (e.g. are they from blogs, news pages, forums etc)

The company has also introduced its own Searchmetrics Page Strength (SPS) measurement which is similar to Google’s PageRank; SPS provides an immediate assessment of the strength of the backlinks pointing to a page using extensive Searchmetrics SEO data.

“This is our own Index for estimating page strength, calculated using our own data, rather than relying on third party data. So we can update, optimise and maintain it to ensure that it constantly evolves to meet the needs of our users” explains Marcus Tober, Searchmetrics CTO and founder, about the development of SPS.

“We’re very proud of the functionality and reporting which gives search professionals faster, deeper analysis and greater insights when looking at backlinks. We are continuously crawling the web, using our own technology in our own data centres to ensure the growth and freshness of our link data,” concluded Marcus Tober.

Try the link module by registering for free here:

At the same time as the new links module, Searchmetrics has introduced a new dashboard for the Searchmetrics Essentials home page which allows anyone to get an instant complimentary snapshot of digital marketing data relating to virtually any web site by entering the URL.

The data, which is available to unregistered users, covers the 75 million domains that Searchmetrics monitors in 15 countries. It includes key metrics relating to organic and paid search visibility, visibility on the main social networks and backlink analysis. Try the new Essentials dashboard here:

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Published on: 4:00PM on 14th February 2012