HTK ( has been awarded a Framework Agreement for the provision of G-Cloud Software-as-a-Service.

Ipswich, UK, 19 January 2012 – HTK Limited, an SME based in the East of England, has today been awarded a framework agreement to provide its web-based Horizon software to UK public sector organisations through the G-Cloud.

This is the third significant framework agreement to be awarded to HTK, in addition to Government Procurement Service framework agreements for Mobile Solutions and Local Government Software Application Solutions.

HTK Horizon is a cost effective software-as-a-service (cloud software) platform, to engage people using automated voice and digital communications such as email, SMS, web forms, IVR, Facebook at Twitter.

It is already used by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Her Majesty’s Court Service, numerous local authorities and over half of all UK police forces. Other customers include O2 UK, Specsavers, and a wide range of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Using Horizon with existing CRM data, inbound and outbound digital communication can be personalised and targeted to the individual citizen, using business rules and Google maps, to increase engagement and provide a significantly better customer experience of digital channels.

Applications of Horizon include email and multi-channel marketing, interactive voice self-service, timely SMS notifications to reduce avoidable contact, business continuity messaging and public warning and informing.

A "game changer"

Talking to Computerworld UK Justin Bowser, managing director of HTK, described the CloudStore as a "game changer".

"Lots of SMEs struggle [to work with government] because the actual and perceived barriers to entry have been very high. There has been an attitude in government – not everywhere – that SMEs are going to be difficult to deal with or that they will not deliver.

"G-Cloud is a real game changer. It is on one side a very tangible, visible demonstration of the way government want sot change the way it procures. From a procurer point of view, it doesn't give them an excuse not to look at SMEs, because it is such a high profile demonstration. I don't think SMEs can be ignored anymore," said Bowser, who sits on the government's SME panel looking at how to help new suppliers into government.

The G-Cloud Programme is a cross government initiative led by the Ministry of Justice, the Cabinet Office and the Home Office, under the direction of the Chief Information Officer Delivery Board.

The initial focus is to develop the cloud for central government departments and local authorities, and then more widely across the public sector, to address a number of key objectives;

- Achieve large, cross government economies of scale;
- Deliver ICT systems that are flexible and responsive to demand, in order to better support government policies and strategies;
- Take advantage of new technologies, in order to deliver faster benefits and reduce cost;
- Meet environmental and sustainability targets;
- Allow government to procure in a way that encourages a dynamic and responsive supplier marketplace, and supports emerging suppliers.

HTK CEO, Marlon Bowser said; “This award strengthens our reputation as a leading UK provider of secure multi-channel communication software to the public sector. G-Cloud is a transformative initiative, and I’m delighted that HTK and Horizon will play a part in it.”

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Published on: 1:19PM on 20th February 2012