Submit Your SEO Story: If Linkdex Animate it, You’ll Get $250

According to Linkdex we have all met a number of ‘Zeus’ like characters in SEO and they are always interesting to meet. What’s more, they are usually very bright people. But is their approach to managing SEO right?

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For businesses (corporate and agency) that employ Zeus, they have a member of staff that is able to do what they like and report on what they like, un-checked and un-challenged. We’re all human and if you can choose to view yourself through a lens, the temptation is to chose one that makes you look good.

This creates a situation where senior members of staff think they are doing brilliantly where the reality can be very different. And this exposes businesses and their agencies to a great deal of risk.

Then there is the issue of knowledge management and whether the intellectual property contained in the multi-tool cockpit is good and whether the processes and data can be inherited by the next SEO to sit in the hot seat.

Business intelligence ownership and continuity is a big issue facing businesses and agencies that invest in this channel.

Is there an script in you wanting to get out that we can animate and feature on our blog? If there is, we have launched a new competition. Each script we animate will win $250 and have a chance of winning additional prizes.

To enter the competition please send Linkdex the following:

• A script of no more than 2 A4 pages.

• A background blog post. This will be uploaded beneath the video. It should be around 100-500 words and explain a little background behind the story.

• An author profile. No more than a couple of paragraphs long, this is your chance to explain who you are and what you do in the industry.

Please also provide some contact details so Linkdex can get in touch.

The animation should run for around 90 seconds, so aim for around two A4 pages or less. Below we have suggested some topics to get you started, but you are free to write about whatever you think works best:

• Agency / Client relationship. What does a dysfunctional one look like?

• Link building can be a bit like dating

• Social Media & SEO are converging, but what about if you work in an unsociable industry?

• White hat SEO is like owning a white shirt – the longer you have it the more grey it becomes

Linkdex can also animate you as a character. If you would like to be the hero of your script, send them a photograph and Linkdex will try to make the animated guy or gal look like you!

Send your script to

to enter the competition.

Entrants can submit multiple entries but please follow the guidelines below.


The script must be the original work of the entrant. It can not contain offensive content or act as a company promotion. The script should not refer to actual people without the prior consent of the people in question. The author takes fully responsibility for the content of the script. We would hate for your script to appear elsewhere before we’ve had a chance to animate it, therefore by submitting a script you assign full copyright to Linkdex and it can only be reproduced by Linkdex unless we authorise otherwise. If we’re not going to use your script we’ll do our best to let you know.

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Published on: 3:43PM on 7th March 2012