Sapient has been named one of ‘Britain’s Top Employers’ in an annual study that certifies companies for their superior human resources practices and employee benefits.

Sapient is one of a select group of 67 businesses to be awarded the status of ‘Britain’s Top Employers’ in 2012. Sapient scored highest for company culture, one of five stringent criteria that also include pay and benefits, working conditions, training and development and career progression.

‘Britain’s Top Employers’, now in its 12th year, is conducted by the CRF Institute, a specialist in the field of international research into Human Resource management and working conditions. The research looks at some 600 British businesses, which participate in a pre-audit and audit by the independent chartered accountancy firm Grant Thornton. Companies are scored across 57 of 80 questions, weighted according to prevailing economic and employment trends; only those organisations whose overall scores exceed a level set by the CRF Institute are awarded ‘Britain’s Top Employers’ certification.

The CRF Institute found that Sapient offers its people outstanding working conditions such as a strong, guiding company culture and enduring core values that have shaped methodologies and created growth opportunities.

Nigel Vaz, SVP and Managing Director, Sapient, says: “We’re exceptionally proud to be ranked among Britain’s Top Employers. We’ve worked hard to foster a culture and collaborative work environment that attracts and nurtures great talent. The common thread that binds our people – whether they work for SapientNitro or Sapient Global Markets – is a desire to leverage our combined strategic, creative and technical expertise to make an impact on our clients’ businesses. That commitment and passion is at the heart of Sapient’s ongoing growth and success. The value that Sapient places on our people and on the company culture that unites us all. Our media, marketing and creative teams, as well as our experts working within the capital and commodity markets all understand that it is how they apply technology to meet clients’ business goals that is at the heart of what makes Sapient a successful and growing business.”

Eleanor Nickerson, Country Manager, Britain’s Top Employers, says: “This year we’re proud to certify our strongest group of Top Employers to date. Increasingly we’re seeing creative and intelligent HR practices and employee offerings that ensure the working experience is positive, and that employee groups get what they want from their employment. We’re seeing a heavy emphasis on flexible benefits, on segmented employee offerings and on career development that ensures employee growth and good succession planning.”

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Published on: 9:46AM on 26th March 2012