The Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy is driving an online initiative to raise awareness of its aviation units, from troop transport and anti-submarine warfare to close air support. The campaign, managed through COI, launches from 7 April 2005. It will feature an email drop, designed to deliver a high impact message to a strictly targeted audience, including people who have previously only enquired about Royal Air Force vacancies/opportunities and people who may be unaware of the pilot/air crew opportunities with the Royal Navy. Creative is through glue London and media planning and buying by digital agency i-level.

Most recruits looking to become pilots only apply to the RAF, the Royal Navy aims to raise awareness of the Fleet Air Arm offering, with a dynamic online creative campaign which highlights the aircraft and skills required to fly with the Royal Navy. Alongside the targeted email campaign, the schedule will include banners and skyscraper executions, booked on sites such as, Channel 4 and XFM targeting a 16-23 year old audience.

One banner execution begins with the headline: “Join the Navy and work here” (showing an image of a desk)… “and here” (showing the image of a Harrier Jump Jet aircraft). A second skyscraper execution asks: “Could you land here?” showing a landing strip, then asks “What if it was half the size”: the image is reduced … “And surrounded by water”, image is Royal Navy aircraft carrier in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Each execution features the endline “Fly Navy” and a link to the website.

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Further information from:
Janice O’Reilly, COI – 020 7261 8763 e:
Lorette Nettar, i-level PR 020 7340 2783 / 07946 519 486
Serena Nutting, glue London 020 7739 2345

Published on: 12:00AM on 8th April 2005