Foviance carried out an in-depth review on the use of Twitter for customer service in Travel (35%), Telco (17%), Retail (10%) and Supermarket (10%), establishing guidelines and best practice from the data analysed, for setting up and managing Twitter customer care accounts.

The focus was on understanding these brands’ approach to the key features of their Twitter page and the way they manage the account. The different “key features” of a Twitter account analysed included: biography content; location; background images; links and additional elements such as use of signatures and infoboxes. Of the 80 companies researched, 49% were Dedicated, 40% Hybrid and 11% Broadcast.

Download the free whitepaper and learn how to:

- Select the type of account you need.
- Identify relevant information and links to provide on your Twitter page.
- Manage the account efficiently.
- Ultimately create a Twitter account that works for your customers.

Published on: 11:39AM on 27th March 2012