ConversionPath, an online marketing agency run by a team of digital marketing fanatics, and seasonal ecommerce experts working exclusively for ecommerce start-up fraternity along with; seasonal online retailers and brands with annual revenue of under $25 Million. Unlike other internet marketing companies, we target our services to a niche market segment and focus exclusively on 5 major areas i.e.

1.Consistently optimizing the digital marketing budget

2.Maintaining a consistent growth in the top-line numbers

3.Facilitating an engaging online storefront to the online shoppers

4.Evangelization of in-house Digital Marketing & Management Teams

5.Assist in procuring Seed and Venture Capital Funding

ConversionPath, online marketing agency started its journey in the Year 2009 under a brand name 3TouchPoints, in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania by a group of seasonal ecommerce consultants, who have spent over 11 years in the internet space, and after working with some of the eminent brands in North America and Western European market, they started this internet marketing company, which currently has a presence in North America and Asia Pacific markets.

We are proud, excited and committed to be a part of your online growth journey so; give us an opportunity to be a part of your growth team.

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Sushant Ajmani

Published on: 8:35AM on 3rd April 2012