...Neolane Interaction Disrupts Traditional Marketing Approaches by Empowering Brands to Dynamically Serve Content and Offers to Anonymous Website Visitors at Unprecedented Performance and Scale...

LOS ANGELES – Forrester’s Marketing Leadership Forum 2012 (booth #313) – April 18, 2012 – Conversational marketing technology provider Neolane today announced new features associated with Neolane Interaction™, the company’s application for fusing inbound and outbound marketing campaigns and offers. Marketers can now interact with anonymous prospects online who are not in their database and generate tailored offers with unprecedented scalability and performance. Neolane will discuss feature enhancements at Forrester’s Marketing Leadership Forum 2012 (booth #313), taking place April 18-19 in Los Angeles.

The new capabilities being announced today also extend the existing ability of Neolane Interaction to dynamically generate real-time personalized marketing offers and content for presentation on Facebook brand pages. Based on Neolane’s conversational marketing platform, Neolane Interaction is a real-time recommendation engine enabling marketers to ensure consistency and accuracy of multiple offers across channels including web, call centers, point-of-sale, email and Facebook. Now, marketers can also target consumers by proposing the best offer at each stage of a prospect’s online brand experience – from anonymous to authenticated contact.

Adapting to the Customer Journey: From Anonymous to Loyal
Neolane Interaction enables marketers to capture intelligence and adapt their approach based on consumers’ website activity, rotate offers and capture responses and interactivity – even with prospects not in the organization’s database. Neolane Interaction enriches the digital identity of prospects over time using progressive profiling logic and ensuring message consistency across channels based on information shared by the prospect to increase personalization, conversion rates and customer satisfaction – all while supporting marketing best practices for ensuring consumer privacy. This solution was built to be one of the most scalable on the market, consistently serving the best, most timely and relevant marketing content to each website visitor – even if there are millions per hour.

“As one of the top online betting companies in Europe, PMU is focused on continuing to build our brand and reach with new and existing customers. An important part of that strategy is creating the best possible brand experience across communications channels including email, mobile and web. With Neolane Interaction we successfully personalize content for our website visitors and use our offer catalog to serve the best, more relevant content to each customer,” said Vincent Godinot, CRM manager, PMU. “Neolane has enabled our marketing team to leverage inbound contacts and generate up to a double digit increase in response rates for offers or qualification messages.”

Identify Anonymous Web Visitors and Personalize Offers
Too often, messages pushed on websites are different from the ones received in emails, resulting in a lack of consistency and marketing efficiency; the reason is that visitors are not identified automatically when they enter the website. Neolane Interaction provides the only solution that allows marketers to leverage clicks on emails to identify and qualify website visitors.

For example, a prospect receives an email offering a 20 percent discount on sporting equipment. If he clicks on the email, Neolane automatically qualifies the prospect and reconciles him with the email recipient. Marketers then have the ability to dynamically tailor the web page to his interests and can propose the same 20 percent discount offer. From there, the prospect will be automatically identified every time he visits the website. Focusing on providing a personalized website experience with messages and offers that are carefully coordinated with interactions across other channels is an important component in avoiding marketing fatigue.

Dynamically Generate Marketing Offers Using External Product Catalog Information
One of Neolane Interaction’s new feature enhancements enables marketers to dynamically generate offers that can be tailored using an external product catalog. As an open solution, marketers can manage and generate real-time recommendations not only from the Neolane offer catalog but also driven by external product catalog information that integrates detail such as SKU numbers; product availability, price, description; and other inputs useful for increasing offer segmentation.

For example, a hotel chain using Neolane Interaction will be able to use browsing behavior, interest, profile and more to dynamically serve up the next best offer. If this offer is a special rate for a room, Neolane Interaction can dynamically ping the hotel catalog to select only available rooms in the selected area.

“These enhancements to Neolane Interaction are incredibly disruptive – giving marketers the ability to capture intelligence, even through anonymous interactions, and generate real-time offer recommendations,” said Stephane Dehoche, president and CEO, Neolane. “Neolane Interaction is at the core of conversational marketing, providing brands with the performance they need to take advantage of every contact opportunity to propose the right offer at the right time and drive revenues and customer satisfaction.”

About Neolane
Neolane provides the only conversational marketing technology that empowers organizations to build and sustain one-to-one lifetime dialogues, dramatically increasing revenue and marketing efficiency. Born digital, with best-in-class email and inbound-outbound channel fusion capabilities architected into a single code-based platform, marketers achieve results in record time. Neolane is easy to use for both power and casual users, but powerful enough to drive the most sophisticated marketing strategies. Future proof, Neolane has a track record of enabling its customers to adapt to new customer engagement challenges and exploit opportunities more quickly than their competition. Neolane is used by more than 350 of the world’s leading companies including Alcatel Lucent, barnesandnoble.com, Orange, Sears Canada, Sephora Europe and Sony Music. Visit www.neolane.com and read our blog The Cross-Channel Conversation.
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