Worcester, UK – 24 April 2011 – Ecommerce specialists at Postcode Anywhere are releasing the public beta of a new address validation service today at Internet World, Europe’s largest and longest-running event for digital marketing and online business.

The address validation and auto-complete technology, called Capture+, is set to “change the way people order goods online,” says the company. The service makes address entry easier at checkout by combining search-engine style auto-suggest technology with worldwide address datasets and rapid mobile integration.

Capture+ aims to make mobile commerce simpler with one-click address auto-fill. The service also incorporates extra data, set to “eliminate” common customer address problems such as not having a postcode on file, or not being able to arrange delivery to flats.

Product features:
• Predictive auto-completion
Capture+ suggests full results in real-time as any address fragment is entered.

• Unlimited websites, one click
Eliminates typing altogether. Once an address is saved it can be selected across any Capture+ enabled site.

• Geo-location
Automatically returns addresses in the users’ vicinity with a single click.

• Better data
Includes often-missed delivery data for flats and vanity address names, along with daily updates (coming soon).

• Worldwide trading
International addresses available. Can detect user location by IP and return country-specific options.

Postcode Anywhere’s IT director Jamie Turner said: “Postcode Anywhere has been highlighting the importance of fast and accurate delivery address data for the past ten years, and now serves over three million data requests every day. For most of the people most of the time, we hope that entering an address on an ecommerce website is now a straightforward and simple process.

“But there are a million and one factors which can still lose online retailers a sale, a customer, or even a reputation. Customer in a rush? They certainly won’t have the time to fill out a fussy form in full. But what if they can’t remember the delivery postcode either? The sale gets put on hold. And where data is entered incorrectly, missed deliveries lead to considerable costs and disgruntled customers.

“Capture+ expands on the web-based “what’s my postcode?” technology Postcode Anywhere pioneered ten years ago, which made buying online easier at checkout and more reliable in the final mile of delivery. Capture+ is part of our much more co-ordinated approach to managing data from cradle to grave.

“Now consumers can type any fragment of an address and return a complete and fully validated record. They can pull up a list of delivery points close to where they are using geo-location, or arrange precise delivery for far-flung destinations with a couple of keystrokes. Ultimately they have the option of filling out an address with only one click.

“For m-commerce, mobile shopping has seen a massive uplift in recent months, and until now there just hasn’t been a nice, fast and easy way to fill out a delivery address from your mobile. With Capture+, this lengthy typing process has also been reduced to a single click.

“Our 2011 survey showed that overlong forms are the second-highest reason for consumers to abandon an online purchase, so we expect online retailers to seriously consider the implications such rapid address entry will have on their bottom line.

“All of these market-changing features are available straight out of the box, and they’re all available instantly with one simple drag-and-drop install. In five minutes, any ecommerce manager can have these features up and running on their retail website. We hope it will really change the way people order goods online for the better.”

Postcode Anywhere’s managing director Guy Mucklow said: “There’s a lot you can do with the humble address. The new predictive suggestion doesn’t just make address entry faster and more intuitive. It should help cure or even eliminate a lot of problems people have with address look-up technology in general: people living in flats, people who don’t remember the delivery postcode, and even people arranging delivery overseas.

“With one-click address auto-completion, this new service will also make it 100% easier to buy goods on often fiddly mobile devices, making address entry faster, more efficient, and less frustrating.”

Capture+ is available on an annual user licence, or using pay-as-you-go credit packs. Installation typically takes minutes, and free customer support is available.

For more information about Capture+, please visit the Postcode Anywhere website at http://www.postcodeanywhere.com/capture-plus.


Published on: 9:36AM on 24th April 2012