Multivariate testing will help e-gaming business increase registrations, deposits and lifetime player value.

Gaming software and services specialist WagerLogic has appointed Maxymiser, the global expert in multivariate testing, personalisation and optimisation solutions, to increase registrations and deposits for its InterCasino and VIP Casino online brands and enhance the lifetime value of players. Maxymiser will develop, design and implement a strategic testing programme across critical pages of the websites, including registrations and deposits, to optimise the online customer experience.

WagerLogic will initially use Maxymiser’s MaxTEST™ to serve multiple variants of content and format simultaneously to website visitors, while monitoring and measuring the impact on conversion rates and revenue. Maxymiser’s MaxSEGMENT™ may then be used to personalise the online experience using segmentation, measuring the impact of displaying different content to new customers registering for the first time to those returning to deposit more funds.

Maxymiser was selected by WagerLogic due to its expertise in the gaming industry and proven ability to design and implement strategic testing programmes that deliver results, without increasing the burden on its internal IT resource. Using the Maxymiser OneTouch™ Platform, WagerLogic’s online team can remotely manage all website testing through a single line of Javascript on the site, so involvement from the IT department is minimal.

Nicky Getley, Head of Acquisition at WagerLogic, says: “Maxymiser clearly offers the best testing solution on the market and we are confident their approach will give us the insights that we need to optimise our site for all visitors and international audiences. Testing is not a one-time fix, but an evolutionary process and Maxymiser is the right long-term partner to ensure WagerLogic can optimise all its online assets.”

Wayne Morris, UK General Manager of Maxymiser, says: “There is no place for guess work when it comes to deciding the best design, content and layout combinations to drive conversions on a website. In such a competitive online landscape, operators like WagerLogic understand that sophisticated testing and personalisation are critical to providing in-depth insights that inform a long-term, strategic roadmap for website optimisation.”

Published on: 9:47AM on 24th April 2012