With UK Privacy legislation due to be enforced from 26th May, 2012, businesses urgently need to get compliant before they fall foul of the law and fines are imposed.

MAGIQ has just launched an upgrade to its lifecycle marketing solution (LifecycleMAGIQ) to provide one of the easiest, smartest and most effective ways of dealing with the ‘Cookie’ legislation that will affect all UK online businesses from the end of May.

It directly addresses the need for businesses to rapidly achieve compliance with the EU & UK law on the use of cookies and visitor data, by prompting users to make their choices, recording their decisions, and providing a tag management capability for other products which are affected.

LifecycleMAGIQ enables businesses with an online presence of any size to be able to comply and compete by offering a pre-built solution that can help them to achieve rapid compliance with the legislation, without major development costs and without damaging the performance of their online business. In addition, it provides complete support for US proposed “do-not-track” legislation.

Most importantly, LifecycleMAGIQ can be implemented on any site. No changes to the site and no IT skills or web developer support are required.

A Complete Solution

LifecycleMAGIQ will prompt users to make a choice on cookies and data collection, implement their decision and then record this for future visits. It also provides a tag management function for site owners to control other systems that they use, which themselves use cookies and will automatically apply the user's decisions across all domains or sites the business operates with LifecycleMAGIQ.

Also of course, the site owner can use all of the other LifecycleMAGIQ functionality (such as advanced behavioural targeting, personalisation, lead generation and search-based landing page optimisation) to drive improved business performance at the same time.

Advanced, Three-level Opt-in

LifecycleMAGIQ offers a simple, automated and comprehensive solution to compliance which also goes well beyond the simple opt-in/opt-out decision by providing a third option of “anonymous opt-out”. This will allow site owners to continue to deliver an optimised user experiences (using LifecycleMAGIQ’s real-time personalisation), while protecting visitor’s identify by removing all personally identifiable data from data captured and used by LifecycleMAGIQ.

Integrated Tag Management

LifecycleMAGIQ’s normal ability to dynamically inject personalised content into the visitors’ pages is harnessed by this cookie/privacy management solution to control the injection of tags from other vendor’s systems. This provides a very simple mechanism for the site owner to control other cookie setting and data capture technology delivering an integrated compliance solution without any technical complexity.

LifecycleMAGIQ provides a continuously maintained state reflecting the user’s decisions on Privacy and Cookies, it also sets a cookie in the page reflecting the user’s data collection and privacy choices and this can be used by the site owner in pages/content/scripts to further tune the user experience.

Cross-site Support

If there are several sites running under the same LifecycleMAGIQ account then the visitor’s preferences will be implemented across all these sites automatically. This means that once a user has opted on one site, their decision will automatically take effect on the other sites – saving them time, and improving their experience.

Full Compliance

The law requires that you obtain informed consent for your use of cookies and their data. LifecycleMAGIQ meets this requirement by providing information to the user on their status, and the site’s use of cookies and their data. The law requires you to provide mechanisms to allow users to decide and enact their preferences. LifecycleMAGIQ meets this requirement via its automated status banners and links, to allow users to control cookie use and data collection settings.

The system also automatically supports the “Do-Not-Track” functionality provided by some browsers, in support of the proposed US legislation. If the user sets the Do-Not-Track option on their Browser, they will be automatically opted-out by LifecycleMAGIQ.

A Pragmatic Solution

It can be argued that to obey the letter of the law no cookies can be set before consent other than those “essential” to site operation. Most industry experts agree that it makes more sense to actually use a cookie to implement the opt-out, otherwise visitors would need to be re-prompted for their Cookie preferences each and every page they visit. Taking this view it becomes clear that using LifecycleMAGIQ to prompt, manage and remember the user's decisions constitutes “essential use” as defined in the legislation, and is therefore permissible and helps to deliver a better customer experience.

In summary, LifecycleMAGIQ is the easiest and most affordable way to achieve compliance with the impending cookie legislation while simultaneously delivering a better customer experience, improved business performance and greater customer retention.

For full details of LifecycleMAGIQ and to see the LifecycleMAGIQ cookie management solution in operation visit www.magiq.com.

Published on: 3:35PM on 24th April 2012