- Cross-device web content optimisation provider partners with information management specialist and successfully delivers first joint website development project for US-based international marketing agency -

DATE: bemoko, the cross-platform web content optimisation provider, has partnered with IPL, an IT services company specialising in IT solutions and consultancy, to provide integrated online projects. bemoko will create client websites that are optimised to run across all platforms and devices. bemoko will also ensure that the websites fully integrate with any backend systems. IPL will be responsible for the back end of the websites – overseeing any integration with third party platforms such as marketing, accounting or ERP systems, whilst also providing on-going managed services support.

The reliability and high performance of this partnership has already been proven in the creation of a multi-lingual educational website for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, on behalf of a US-based international marketing agency. This project resulted in the successful deployment of a cross-platform website, available in multiple languages and including a full integration with the pharmaceutical company’s own CRM databases.

On an ongoing basis, the partnership will allow bemoko and IPL to jointly deliver similar enterprise-scale website projects across all business sectors. bemoko will govern the front end deployment of the website and ensure full functionality across all internet-ready devices, while IPL will provide a full managed service for the underlying back end, including security, integration, support and ongoing maintenance.

bemoko is a cross-device web content optimisation provider, which has been developing mobile websites since 2000. bemoko's solution supports all devices and uses the latest HTML5 techniques to ensure the best possible user experience. IPL provides a wide variety of enterprise level solutions for major industry sectors including aerospace and defence, banking and finance, emergency services, government, telecoms and media.

Philip Clement, Sales Director at bemoko, comments, “We are typically responsible for the most visible part of the website, and for ensuring that every element of its design translates on to any possible device used to access it. However, if the underlying structure of the site and its ability to integrate with other crucial business applications fails, then our work is fundamentally undermined. Our ability to perform depends on our project partners, as delays in the infrastructure development inevitably constrains our own activity. We therefore have to surround ourselves with reliable, experienced organisations whose work is proven and of a consistently high level. In partnering with IPL, we are now confident in our ability to deliver successful website projects consistently on time and to budget.”

Jim Thomas, CTO of IPL, comments, “We are anticipating this partnership to be a highly mutually beneficial one. It is hard to imagine major online projects being developed without a need for cross-device access. For example, online banks, e-learning and e-commerce projects all require equal access no matter what the device. However, access is only one part of the story as there is little point in guaranteeing the ability to upload a website on to any device if the underlying applications are not fully functional and integrated into the whole. As a result, partnerships such as this are essential and in the process of completing the multi-lingual project for a leading international pharmaceutical company, we were highly impressed by Bemoko’s professionalism and enthusiasm, making us certain of continued success in future projects.”


About IPL

IPL – Information Processing Limited – is a software development and Consultancy Company, established in 1979, based in Bath and has over 280 employees.

IPL prides itself on its professional and reliable approach to software development, delivering ‘right first time’ solutions which significantly reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

IPL’s quality, environmental and information security management systems are certificated to ISO 9001/TickIT, 14001 and 27001.

IPL provides enterprise level solutions for major industry sectors including aerospace and defence, banking and finance, emergency services, government, telecoms and media. IPL’s clients include Nationwide, Nokia, Lockheed Martin, Everything Everywhere and the Highways Agency.

About bemoko

bemoko is the leading Multi-Channel Optimisation specialist, delivering Your Brand-Anywhere™ bemoko’s Multi Channel Optimisation solution takes any website or content, optimises, customises and delivers fast and perfect user experiences on any device – every time

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Published on: 1:22PM on 30th April 2012