London, 01 May, 2012: eSellerPro, the leading eCommerce software provider for multichannel retailers, today announces the release of its new faceted search technology on eBay. The technology consists of two new search widgets – an item specifics faceted search and motor parts compatibility search – to provide valuable benefits to its customers selling on the marketplace.

Designed to increase the findability of retailers’ products on eBay, and in turn sales, both widgets work in combination with the store keyword search and there is no limit on the number of items that can be indexed. The custom designed interface of the widgets supports both the enterprise and normal eBay shops.

“Over the past few years we’ve seen higher conversion rates due to eBay navigation and search improvements using item specifics. Our new widgets expand on the standard eBay shop search facilities, making it easier for users to find products using item specific and compatibility data”, comments Mark Withers, Head of Creative Services, eSellerPro. “We are constantly striving to help our customers increase sales and improve the customer experience. We believe these new widgets will provide them, and their customers, with real benefits.”

The item specifics faceted search widget supports up to twenty different filters, allowing customers to search products in a more ‘refined’ way using information such as colour, size and material. The motor parts compatibility search allows customer to find car parts based on item compatibilities and is ideal for automotive sellers using the platform. Unlike alternative offerings, the widgets come with no monthly fees, but instead require a one-off install fee as part of eSellerPro’s creative packages.

eSellerPro client, My1stWish is already seeing the benefits of using the item specifics widget. Tayyab Akhlaq, Managing Director, My1stWish comments, “The eBay marketplace is an increasingly competitive environment, so it is important that consumers find your products easily when they are doing a related search. Being able to refine a search so specifically with the eSellerPro widget helps a customer save time and ensures that they get the best experience possible, hopefully resulting in more and more sales.”

To learn more about increasing sales using eBay Item specifics, check out the slides from eSellerPro’s recent webinar at:


About eSellerPro:
eSellerPro is the first complete eCommerce ERP solution that integrates your entire online sales process, simplifying and automating tasks such as inventory management, product listing and scheduling, sales order processing, payment and dispatch, customer communications and accounts posting, saving you time and money and leaving you free to concentrate on your business and your customers. With eSellerPro you can seamlessly scale up your operation, maximising sales opportunities across multiple channels such as eBay and Amazon.

eSellerPro was launched in 2006 by Sandbourne Systems Ltd, a privately held UK company. Sandbourne Systems now has 60 UK-based employees who work closely with clients around the world. eSellerPro has experienced exponential growth since the business was founded in 2006 and its platform already processes more than £200M in annual sales.

In September 2010 eSellerPro received a significant investment from Notion Capital. Notion Capital is a venture fund and advisory business that invests in growth businesses in the IT sector, with a particular focus on Internet based services with recurring revenue models. Notion Capital creates value by helping companies and management teams to accelerate growth through financial injection combined with strategic and operational participation.

Published on: 10:59AM on 1st May 2012