GDM Digital has announced the launch of their publisher-focused service designed to aid media properties towards better monetisation of their unique audience data.

GDM Digital’s Publisher Trading Desk (PTD) service allows publishers partners to engage in Audience Assisted Publisher Extension (AAPE). This enables them to offer their advertisers ‘Branded Audience Buying’; the opportunity to target their audience across thousands of other publishers through key advertising exchanges.

By partnering with GDM Digital, publishers are able to divide out their audience into segments and offer their advertisers the opportunity to target these segments at scale. Publishers can also benefit by offering their advertisers increased performance through GDM Digital’s specialist optimization team.

With a presence in the RTB industry since its inception in 2008, GDM Digital’s experience and technical ability provide a perfect solution for publishers wanting to further monetise their audience. From intricate data management to a wealth of brand safety partners, GDM Digital holds integrity at their core.

Published on: 9:00AM on 3rd May 2012