Maxifier, the global leader in inventory revenue and performance management technology, today announced the latest release of its ADMAX platform. This includes the significant addition of a new feature that acts as an ‘economic router’, enabling publishers to take control of their entire inventory stack with a unified solution.

While current technologies focus purely on either non-guaranteed or premium inventory, the new ADMAX platform offers an intelligent yield decisioning engine, enabling publishers to maximise the value of their entire inventory – both premium and unsold – providing them with a level of control never seen before.

The ‘economic router’ takes into account a wide range of parameters, including, creative format, audience, time of day, site, section and page, and geography among others. This allows publishers to traffic their unsold inventory to the demand channel source that will deliver the highest CPM at that moment of time, rather than relying on just one or two sources to monetise it for them.

Due to resource and logistics constraints, publishers have traditionally restricted the number of third party partners to which they have outsourced their remnant inventory. However, ADMAX now allows them to centralise all their demand channels, encouraging publishers to link up to all demand channels to help drive maximum revenues without dropping a single tag.

“Our top priority is to give publishers the tools they need to deliver maximum revenue from their inventory,” said Anthony Katsur, Chief Operating Officer, Maxifier. “We can now help publishers regain control of their entire inventory stack, allowing them to treat it holistically and begin to develop strategies around it.”

Another key ADMAX development is the ability to offer cost-per-action (CPA) optimisation, to support the growing demand by advertisers for buying action-based campaigns. Working not only at a pure CPA campaign level, this delivers automatic optimisation recommendations at a number of levels including site, page and creative to ensure campaigns deliver to their performance goals.

This CPA optimisation enhancement has already generated strong results from clients who have tested this. By implementing the recommendations generated by ADMAX, one publisher achieved an overall eCPM uplift of 98% and an eCPA reduction of nearly 40% across the CPA campaigns it was optimising.

Additionally, the new release offers powerful yield management and inventory controls. This includes the ability to optimise around delivering margin improvement, setting thresholds and floors to protect inventory value and establishing website black and white lists to offer greater control over the environments in which adverts are run, or not run.

Katsur concludes: “These enhancements, in particular the developments around maximizing the value of unsold inventory, put the power back into the publisher’s hands. Now they can monetize their entire portfolio of inventory, on their own terms and on a single platform.”

This need for publishers to create inventory strategies is gaining recognition amongst publishers, with Lee Baker, Director at the UK’s Association of Online Publishers, recently commenting in the Financial Times: “Most of our member businesses have traditionally been built around editorial and developing premium content and have not necessarily been particularly robust in managing their advertising inventory. They are now having to learn the skills to manage advertising in that way.”

Published on: 11:37AM on 3rd May 2012