LifecycleMAGIQ's real-time lifecycle marketing solution will allow Dennis Publishing to increase registrations by targeting visitors with content based on a better understanding of each individual visitor's behaviour.

14th May 2012: Leading independent media company, Dennis Publishing were looking for a way to boost their registration rates by implementing a smarter and more flexible registration / content access approach that they christened “Reg-Fence” across their 35 web sites.

They decided that LifecycleMAGIQ's ability to control the visitor's user experience by targeting them with dynamic, personalised content (or redirecting their browsing journey), based on each individual's behaviour and history, provided exactly the functionality they needed. So they have commenced a pilot project to prove that their ideas and LifecycleMAGIQ can make a difference.

With so many sites, and a variety of different technology already in place, LifecycleMAGIQ's simplicity of deployment and flexibility was the clincher for Anna Marley, Digital Marketing Manager at Dennis Publishing, who explains, “The beauty of LifecycleMAGIQ is that it is so quick and easy to set up and change the triggers. This means that we can adjust them at any time, turning them up or down, depending on the marketing performance of the campaign and the results shown in the LifecycleMAGIQ dashboard”.

Malcolm Duckett, CEO at MAGIQ agrees, “We think that one of the key features of LifecycleMAGIQ is that it can be implemented on any site, no matter what web servers or CMS are in use, and without needing the site to be tagged.”

Dennis also saw that the system provided the opportunity to implement a variety of other programs to deliver a more personal experience for each and every visitor. Anna continues, “We can also quickly set up complex triggers. For example, if a visitor has visited three times, viewed a particular type of article and comes from the UK, we can invite them to sign-up for the newsletter or to subscribe - and all this based on the individual's previous history with the brand kept in their MAGIQprofile. Later we also plan to use LifecycleMAGIQ's ability to recognise the different platforms being used by visitors and to target them with appropriate content so they get the best possible user experience. For example replacing Flash content with compatible content for Apple devices.”

Previously, Dennis's registrations systems were only able to deliver an invitation to register based on the amount of time a visitor had spent on the site. With LifecycleMAGIQ's complete view of individual's behaviour and history, the decision when to trigger can be much more intelligent and drive better results.

Duckett, concludes, “Because LifecycleMAGIQ combines each visitor's real-time behaviour, history and lifecycle stage into the visitor's “MAGIQprofile”, messaging is more relevant and timely. Dennis will be able to use this capability to engage visitors at the key moments in their journey with the brand and will be set to boost registrations and conversion rates, helping to turn traffic into paying customers.”

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UK based MAGIQ is a software company dedicated to helping companies compete with the Megabrands for customer revenue, by making it easy and affordable to increase website conversion, sales and cross-channel campaign profitability through web personalisation and lifecycle marketing.

About Dennis Publishing
Dennis Publishing is one of the world’s leading independently owned media companies. It publishes over 70 magazines, digital magazines, Magbooks , websites, apps and mobile sites in the UK (including The Week, Auto Express, PC Pro, Viz and Men’s Fitness) and The Week in the US and Australia. The company leads the way in digital publishing with 34 distinct brands and 35 websites which have over 700,000 visitors each day.

About LifecycleMAGIQ
LifecycleMAGIQ is a real-time, behavioural targeting and cross-channel, lifecycle marketing solution for online marketers that gives SME’s access to the same marketing power as used by the Megabrands; delivering powerful effective marketing tools aimed at enhancing sales, conversion rates and customer engagement quickly and simply. By engaging with all web-visitors, and by using highly accurate cross-channel behavioural targeting and real-time web personalisation, marketers can now benefit from a complete lifecycle marketing solution. The core value of LifecycleMAGIQ is helping marketers to optimise their marketing spend and activity. By equipping marketing teams with a unique system that builds and exploits individual customer data across multiple channels, organisations will be able to maximise the return on marketing budgets and optimise their marketing performance.

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Published on: 1:52PM on 15th May 2012