Multivariate testing strategy to drive customer experience optimisation

Maxymiser, the global expert in multivariate testing, personalisation and optimisation solutions, today announces it has been appointed by leading scooter manufacturer Micro Scooters UK to optimise the site. Maxymiser will work with the scooter specialist to develop and implement a multivariate testing strategy that identifies the optimum design, content and layout combination in order to increase sales of its scooters and complimentary accessories and deliver a superior shopping experience.

Micro Scooters UK will use Maxymiser’s MaxTEST™ multivariate testing solution to take the guess-work out of website decision-making, by presenting multiple variants of content and design to live visitors and analysing the combinations that generate the most sales. The tests will initially focus on optimising the checkout process and targeting those pages with the highest dropout rates in the online sales funnel.

Maxymiser will enable MaxTEST™ on the Micro Scooters UK website with a one-time change, using a single line of JavaScript code. As a result, Micro Scooters UK’s marketing team will be empowered to take control of the testing strategy without needing to involve an IT specialist – critical for a small retailer with limited resources.

According to Micro Scooters UK, knowing where to prioritise efforts was extremely difficult and subjective, but the ambitious retailer recognised the value that Maxymiser could deliver: “There is a challenge in making sure our website appeals to all types of visitors, from those who know our brand, or understand what they are looking for in a scooter, to those visiting for the first time. It was clear that Maxymiser could provide the expertise, strategic insight and best-in-class testing solution that would ensure we can optimise the online experience for all visitors to,” comments Ben Gibson, Business Development Director, Micro Scooters UK.

The scooter retailer’s testing programme will be supported by Maxymiser’s full service offering. This provides Micro Scooters UK with a full team of customer experience optimisation experts, including consultants, analysts, creative designers and dedicated account managers, to ensure the growing brand achieves the maximum return on investment from its testing strategy, without needing additional internal resource.

“There was a time when access to this experience and knowledge was unthinkable for a company of our size, but Maxymiser is making multivariate testing at the highest level accessible to everyone, raising the standards across our entire industry," Ben adds.

Wayne Morris, UK General Manager of Maxymiser, says: "No other company offers the unique combination of expertise, industry experience and solutions that Maxymiser does, or live up to our high standards of service. Our work with over 120 brands, across multiple sectors, carrying out thousands of tests, means we are ideally placed to help brands like Micro Scooters UK understand the potential of their website and empower them to transform their online presence for an optimised customer experience."

Published on: 9:17AM on 16th May 2012