Leading performance network, Affiliate Window has seen consistent growth in the amount of mobile traffic and sales with latest reports indicating that 7% of all network sales currently transact through a mobile device or tablet, a figure predicted to increase to 13% by year end.

Affiliate Window has spent the last eighteen months compiling extensive data to provide insight on the true impact of m-commerce within the performance channel. The network’s dedicated white paper published last year, outlined the rapid growth of this sector and highlighted the necessity for brands to include publishers when developing their mobile plans.

Simultaneously, the network has been the industry champion for publishers ensuring they do not unknowingly lose commissions on legitimately referred sales, which has led to today’s release of a number of innovative platform developments within the Affiliate Window interface.

Advertisers’ programmes are now marked as ‘Mobile Optimised' if they have a mobile friendly site with advanced Affiliate Window tracking. Publishers driving sales to mobile optimised merchants can now feel reassured sales will be tracked no matter how the user chooses to interact with the brand, whether that’s through a mobile device or computer.
Publishers have the ability to discover mobile optimised advertisers by using a new filter in the merchant directory. The information can also be found in the summary section of each advertiser’s profile.

Device icons are now displayed in a number of reports including the advertiser validation and commission reports as well as publisher transactions. This capability enables partners to identify whether a transaction was made through a computer, tablet or mobile device. With this intriguing information now available to all, the true impact of mobile on advertiser and publisher campaigns can be seen for the first time.

”We’ve recognised that publishers and advertisers alike are missing out on significant m-commerce opportunities that have exploded in the last year or so,” says Kevin Edwards, Strategy Director at Affiliate Window. “We’ve made it our mission to lead the industry in showcasing the full range of activity mobile can offer as well as highlight the more enlightened advertisers who have added our tracking to their m-commerce platforms. Reporting was the missing piece of the jigsaw for us and I’m delighted we’re first to market with our new mobile reports that help showcase the strength of performance in the new frontier of mobile marketing”.

Affiliate Window currently has over 50 brands with mobile optimised sites and affiliate tracking in place including Debenhams, Groupon, Thorntons, Gap and B&Q, with a growing number of advertisers joining the ranks every month.

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Published on: 3:08PM on 17th May 2012