New research from mobileYouth shows that mobile messaging is fast becoming an integral part of America. US youth are currently sending around 1.6 billion text messages a month, but with the convergence of TV and messaging in formats such as ‘American Idol,’ this will increase to 2.5 billion messages a month, over 30 billion messages sent a year.

• US youth spending on mobile messaging will increase from just under $4 billion dollars to a spend of $10 billion by 2007.

• On average youth spending will more than double from $7 dollars a month to over $15 dollars.

The power of mobile messaging has not gone unnoticed with companies such as MTV and Fox who have already incorporated the idea of ‘text voting’ into their TV shows and have persuaded the young to cast more votes for shows like ‘American Idol’, than the presidential elections where young adults in previous years have accounted for just 18% of those voting.

The popularity of mobile messaging will continue to soar globally in 2005,

• Youth spending on messaging set to grow to almost $40 billion dollars by 2007.

• In 2007 the global population will exchange 1 trillion text messages.

With successful text voting formats and increasing popularity, political parties in UK have begun to consider that mobile messaging could be the key to reaching the elusive youth market that fails to cast a vote. Mobile messaging may well enable them to reach directly to youth voter, and harness those who are able to vote but still do not have the motivation to do so.

The rapid integration of mobile messaging in the US will no doubt have an important social impact, and may well prove to be the most successful way of targeting the young demographic and reigning in their interaction.

Published on: 12:00AM on 12th April 2005