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Roost Online, the social communications agency, have launched The Roost, a community of bloggers and social media users who are interested in participating in brand campaigns and feeding into marketing activity.
Individuals are classified by their:
• Interests
• Motivations
• Ranking

All members have a one-to-one relationship with the Roost Online community team.
The Roost’s objective is to enable key online influencers and early adopters to co-create campaigns and share insights with brands as well as act as ambassadors for a campaign through the power of their social media presence and network.

Key services:

Ambassador Programs

These focus on establishing long term relationships with key interest groups.
Over a 2-3 month period Roost work with a team of community members to generate multiple pieces of content across various different platforms - Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, Facebook etc.
The result is a collection of brand advocates who endorse the campaign, have influence over their peers and generate search indexed objective content.

Content Seeding

To generate a single piece of content from community members, Roost work with our clients to deliver bloggers a unique experience to write around, and not simply a PR release.
This content is used to help to spread PR relevant messages online.


Insight from The Roost’s key influencers can be used to tailor a campaign and ensure it resonates alongside their peers. On and off line workshops are facilitated by the in-house team.

The company prides itself on its excellent relationship with its community of bloggers. In 2011 Roost Online’s bloggers posted over 800 reviews, generated more than 150,000 YouTube video views and grew Facebook fan pages by an average of 55%.

Simon John, said: “Roost Online strives to establish trusted relationships with bloggers so they maintain their own voice and integrity while adhering to a high standard of transparency when working with brands.
The bloggers collaborate with us and our clients on a value exchange basis, where they may get early sight of new products to review or gain valuable information about a launch strategy to share with their readers for example. It’s simply down to matching the bloggers with relevant interests to the appropriate brands. Campaigns vary in length but the real value comes over a period of time as that is where ambassadors are established”.


The company’s success is based on its anthropological understanding of social networks, online communities and word-of-mouth marketing. The agency builds social communication campaigns for brands that engage social networks long term, turning peaks of online mentions into continuous narratives, told through individuals and across interest groups.

Roost is currently running an anthropological survey of its blogger and social media communities to explore the separate cultural environments, varying value systems and relationships that exist. Using some of the most important anthropological principles and methodologies Roost Online will produce micro-ethnographies – compact studies of each community offering deeper understanding of its clients and prospective clients’ key influencers.

Roost Online

Founded in 2009 by Simon John and Carli Jones, Roost Online is a social communications agency with a unique approach to blogger outreach and community management.
With an in-house anthropologist and a community of active bloggers, Roost Online is able to help its clients build a positive presence in the world’s busiest online communities.
Roost Online’s clients include family-friendly brands like Toys R Us, WORLDFOODS and the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), for which the agency provides services including:
● Social planning
● Influencer engagement
● Community development
● Word-of-mouth insight

For more information please contact or ring +44(0)1865 377 088

Published on: 9:22AM on 25th May 2012