OMD unveils Project Monument for Intel

An opportunity to remember the iconic objects that have shaped your life.

LONDON, 25th May 2012. Today, OMD, on behalf of Intel Corporation and in cooperation with Microsoft Advertising, launches Project Monument, an interactive branded experience that invites consumers across 10 countries to curate and share personal icons that have shaped who they are today.

The centrepiece of the campaign is a dedicated portal hosted on MSN offering a large database of popular culture icons, including objects that have been chosen to reflect local culture, covering everything from fashion and film to toys and cars. Each visitor can curate their own timeline that includes objects that have been significant to them throughout their lives.

This personal and engaging activity supports the Intel-inspired Ultrabook™ - the sleek, powerful device, and icon in the making, that offers the perfect blend of cutting-edge performance, portability and style. The campaign enjoys access to Microsoft’s multi-platform portfolio (including MSN, Bing, Windows Live Messenger, mobile and Skype) and smooth Facebook integration to create a personalised experience for users.

Intel is the first to use Facebook custom edge buttons ‘I remember’ – created specifically for this campaign to allow seamless integration of social media and better enable participants to share their memories, bring them to life and share them with friends. To further deepen engagement with nostalgic visitors, a series of localised editorials reminiscing on popular culture over the years will be published on MSN throughout the course of the campaign.

Project Monument will kick off with homepage takeovers across MSN sites, and links to the portal will appear on Windows Live Messenger and Skype – ideal platforms to promote a personal branded experience. The campaign will also be amplified with viral seeding, in-game advertising, search and local market support.

The main site has been built in HTML5 and is optimised for tablet and touch devices, and the experience has also been reconfigured for mobile, enabling users to jump in and scroll through nostalgic objects whenever they want.

Matthew Bolton, Intel EMEA’s Media and Advertising lead commented: ‘Intel has a long-standing reputation as an innovator and Ultrabook™ devices are the latest embodiment of our innovative drive. Project Monument captures and expresses the spirit of Ultrabook™ – connecting people to fulfil their aspirations in a totally dynamic way. Project Monument is about iconic objects and Ultrabook™ fits into this theme perfectly. This engaging social media experience gives our audiences a great opportunity to share their memories of some of these great objects that made their lives richer.’

What’s exciting Kristie Naha-Biswas, Executive Director at OMD, is ‘that the custom edge buttons mean participation is built in, so our mix of technology, content and context delivers a deeper engagement with our audience – and it’s this engagement that ultimately delivers business results’.
‘The Ultrabook™ is a beautifully designed device with amazing capabilities — we wanted to create a digital solution for Intel that conveyed how the Ultrabook™ is a cultural icon of the future, something that people will want to surround themselves with,’ said Ben Richards, EMEA Design Lead and Brand Strategist at Microsoft Advertising.
Project Monument will launch on 25th May in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Turkey and the UK, with Egypt launching two weeks later. The campaign will run until December 2012.
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Published on: 10:15AM on 25th May 2012