Frampton Retail was set up by Adam Smith and Jon Sloper in late 2011 to build a niche retailing group of websites and use best practice online digital marketing skills to demonstrate our skills to potential clients of the sister company - web agency, Alacrify.

Trading commenced in January 2012 with the first trading website, - super-niche, but with a compelling market positioning which has rapidly made the site the ‘go-to’ destination for dealing with clothes moths , carpet moths and food moths. Further sites are being developed with an expectation of delivering 3 to 4 sites each year and full integration with Amazon and eBay is likely in the coming months. First year turnover is expected to be close to £1m with a 3 year target of £5m from a standing start. Frampton retail has been profitable from day one with minimal up front investment.

The systems suite is tightly integrated with SaaS solutions predominating. Magento Go provides the front end website and payment integration delivered by Alacrify, with Brightpearl providing the customer management, order management and stock control system with the added benefit of fully integrated and feature rich accounting software and warehouse management. This platform is expected to work with seamless multiple site integration and across all channels.

For further information or to enquire about our services, please contact:

Alacrify: / 01300 320076 – Jon Sloper
Frampton Retail: / 01300 321098 – Adam Smith

Published on: 10:23AM on 26th May 2012