More companies are investing in the mobile web experience as their customers increasingly interact with them using smartphones and tablets, according to research published today.

The second annual Reducing Customer Struggle Report, published by Econsultancy in association with Tealeaf, the leader in customer experience management solutions, has found that more than three-quarters (77%) of companies are boosting investment in the mobile channel this year.

The report, which follows a similar study in 2011, is based on a global survey of almost 500 business professionals working for companies involved in e-commerce and e-business.

The research highlights a growing requirement for mobile engagement as part of the multichannel customer experience. More than half (58%) of companies surveyed said their customers typically research their products on mobile devices for later purchase online. Some 43% of respondents said their customers purchase products directly using a mobile device and a similar proportion (41%) reported that they research products or services for later purchase offline.

Encouragingly, since last year’s report, the proportion of organisations considering that the quality of customer experience via the mobile channel is ‘poor’ has significantly declined, from around half (46%) in 2011 to just under a third (31%) this year.

Compared to last year, 18% of company respondents rate their mobile channel as ‘good’ for quality of customer experience in 2012 compared to only 9% in 2011.

However, just under a fifth (18%) of responding companies describe their understanding of the mobile user experience as ‘excellent’ (3%) or ‘good’ (15%), compared to an equivalent combined figure of 45% for the overall online experience.

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets is evidenced by the amount of traffic now attributed to the mobile channel. Just over half of companies (52%) say that more than 10% of their traffic is via mobile devices. Some 17% of companies say that mobile accounts for more than 20% of web visitors, while 6% attribute more than 30% of traffic to mobile.

Geoff Galat, VP, Worldwide Marketing at Tealeaf, said: “The explosion in mobile adoption adds to the mounting pressure on consumer-organisations to deliver the best possible mobile customer experiences. We've seen that consumers do not differentiate between digital channels, expecting a consistent experience regardless of device. If digital retailers get the experience wrong on mobile they risk losing customers and not just from the mobile channel.”

Linus Gregoriadis, Research Director at Econsultancy, said: “The growth of mobile still presents major challenges for businesses wanting to understand the impact on customer experience and its role in the overall customer journey. This task is complicated by the fact that engagement on different mobile devices is very different, for example comparing the smartphone and tablet experience.”

According to the research, around three-quarters (74%) of companies indicate they have developed a mobile optimised site, with more than half (54%) indicating they have implemented an iPhone app and 39% having developed other mobile apps.

Few companies are tracking important mobile-related metrics, such as the value of mobile visitors. While 88% of companies track which devices and platforms are used by mobile visitors, only a minority track the value of mobile visitors (43%), behavioural differences of mobile visitors (24%) and the influence of mobile on online channels (22%).

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Published on: 11:00AM on 8th June 2012