Search engines have changed. Google’s recent Panda and Penguin updates and hundreds of other changes have made old SEO tactics obsolete.

If your SEO doesn’t adapt to the new Google then, at worst, you risk penalties
from Google and, at best, you’ll miss opportunities.

A New SEO is required. Your New SEO needs to be led by quality links and quality
content that your visitors want and love.

This paper will give you seven simple tests you can use to check your SEO can still
help your site achieve its potential.
The tests are like a mini SEO MOT check-up that help you answer the following critical questions:

1) Is your SEO failing to target most of your potential customers?
2) Is your site performing for the long tail of search?
3) Does your site have enough relevant pages?
4) Do visitors like your content?
5) Does your content get shared on social media?
6) Does your site have the right kind of links?
7) Are paid links putting your site at risk?
Read on to find out if your site is optimised for new SEO...

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Published on: 12:59PM on 8th June 2012