9th June, 2012

Ideaverse Network Pte Ltd is pleased to announce the introduction of Windows Mobile development in its already growing list of services provided. The company already provides versatile iPhone and Android applications development services through the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. After an intensive search and hire operation, Ideaverse have formed a team of leading developers, adding to an already formidable team - promising to bring the most cutting edge and compatible mobile applications for large enterprises and SMEs alike.

Mobile applications are one of the most promising sectors in the vibrant business scenes of Singapore, and Ideaverse understands the basic requirements for striving business entities to become competent in a world heading towards smartphones and tables. With precision metrics and highly skilled workforce, the mobile development team in Ideaverse is fully dedicated in creating mobile applications that are beautifully designed, a joy to use and impeccably developed to provide maximum satisfaction to the end users.

“It takes a paradigm change for people to understand how important mobile applications are for their business. In a segment powered by sheer growth and massive participation, the stakes are very high for companies who choose to stay inert and not represent their business aspects in the app ecosystem.” says Rezwanus Samad, CTO of Ideaverse.

He continued saying “As the overwhelming percent of the Singaporean population owns a smartphone, your company should avoid the blushes when someone searches for your area of service in the app stores and competitors’ names start popping up. You wouldn’t want your prospective customers have a thwarted perception about your business as a non-competent entity.”

On a sidenote, Ideaverse Singapore also recently revamped its Google Apps workforce – now making migrations, account setups and training services for large enterprises even more efficient. The company, which is one of the very few Google Apps Authorized Resellers in Singapore, has made the reflection after serving hundreds of accounts for numerous companies cross niche, and aims to provide the industry’s enterprise demand of highly effective email solutions – with collaboration, calendars and docs making business almost twice as productive.

The Mobile Application Service Page: http://www.ideaverse.com.sg/services/google-apps/
The Google Apps Service Page: http://www.ideaverse.com.sg/services/mobile-app-development/
Contact Information: +6564741571
Contact Email: sales@ideaverse.com.sg

Published on: 11:00PM on 9th June 2012