New software collects the most accurate data at the lowest cost about how users interact with websites

* Datasherpa from Clickstream collects data about how users interact with web based interfaces and feeds it to leading analytics and business intelligence applications*

15 April 2005, Impington, Cambridge – Clickstream Technologies has released a new software product, Datasherpa, to eliminate the management burden and human error associated with measuring user behaviour on websites and other web-based interfaces.

Clickstream’s Datasherpa software eliminates the burden of creating, testing and manually inserting page tags, because its patented tracking code is automatically inserted into all pages or files as they are requested from the server. This ensures that 100% of pages are being tracked accurately.

Many other web analytics solutions work by adding code (known as a tag) to each webpage. Adding the tags and testing they are working correctly is time and labour intensive. Changes to the content or design can result in the tracking code being accidentally deleted or corrupted. If pages are not being reliably tracked, website managers risk making bad decisions based on incomplete data.

Datasherpa also tracks user behaviour on cached pages. Using a patented technique, Datasherpa stores information about user behaviour locally until a page is next requested from the server, at which time the tracking information is sent back to the server. This provides visibility into the use of the back button, cached pages and pages that are viewed off-line.

Datasherpa feeds its data to a wide range of web analytics and business intelligence tools, including Webtrends, Oracle, Cognos, WebAbacus, and VBIS. It also provides an ABC Electronic (ABCe) extended log file as part of its standard output.

There are four optional modules that can be used with Datasherpa:
• E-commerce: captures user behaviour and value inputs throughout the transaction funnel, even in encrypted processes. Data about user behaviour can be linked to a company’s fulfillment processes and its CRM platform.
• Data Configuration: provides more readable reports by enabling names to be assigned to URLs. Reports are easier to understand, similar pages can be easily grouped and structure can be applied to reports where the website structure could prove confusing.
• Usability and performance: helps identify problems that negatively affect the user experience, including excessive download times. This module also helps understand the user’s hardware and software configuration and provides in-depth analysis of data input in forms.
• Output Formats: enables companies to define their own output structure for Datasherpa or to choose from a library of integration options.

Because Datasherpa uses only first party cookies, it ensures a higher level of privacy. Data about user interaction is not available to any third party. Clickstream’s customers include leading financial services organisations in the UK and the US.

“Datasherpa brings Clickstream’s six years experience in tracking user behaviour to everyone,” said Titus Suck, Clickstream’s director of sales and marketing. “Companies can use Datasherpa to gather complete and accurate data and use it with their existing analytics, business intelligence or reporting platform.”

He added: “While accuracy is desirable, the main reason companies will switch will be that Clickstream costs less than competitive solutions. Because it is fully automated, Datasherpa eliminates the costs associated with inserting and testing tracking codes and any errors that occur in this process. Because it captures 100% of the user behaviour data, Datasherpa also eliminates the costs that arise from making decisions based on incomplete or inaccurate data.”

About Clickstream
Clickstream’s Datasherpa software automates the collection of data about user activity on browser-based digital channels such as websites, intranets, extranets and web-based applications. It provides more comprehensive and more accurate data than any other technology, respects users’ privacy, and feeds data to leading databases and reporting tools in near-real time. Clickstream does not provide a web analytics tool but does partner with and provide its data to leading analytics, reporting and business intelligence platforms.

Clickstream’s data enables businesses to make accurate decisions that will improve the customer experience, optimise digital channel design and content, and maximise return on investment.

Clickstream Technologies PLC was formed in 1999 and the company’s head office is in Cambridge, UK.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 15th April 2005