Worcester, UK – 19 June 2012 – Manchester City Football Club anticipates a surge in ticket sales after its recent Premier League win, which it says is “bound to lead to more online activity.” In response, the Club has installed address auto-fill technology from Postcode Anywhere on its office administration software.

The address validation service increases the speed of contact data entry and ensures the accuracy of any details entered, preventing tickets and other orders from being dispatched to the wrong address.

Andrew Gilligan, Data and Insights Manager at the Club, said: “Primarily, we needed a reliable address validation service for our managed call centre to deal with our ticket sales via our Salesforce CRM.

Surges of high usage

“Since we do get surges of high usage, address look-up helps us massively as a business. Our Premier League title, for instance, is bound to lead to more online activity with fans buying merchandise to commemorate our success, which is fantastic for us.

“We looked at a range of competitor products, but as the provider of an essential business tool, Postcode Anywhere is in a league of its own. It’s all about giving our supporters a really good user experience. Our loyal fans are the lifeblood of the Club: looking after them is our number one priority, on or off the pitch.

“The service allows our call centre management operatives to be more efficient and productive and mitigates the risk of tickets being sent to the wrong address. This is not only costly, as we have to rectify the problem, but can be emotionally devastating for our fans.”

Lost tickets “emotionally devastating”

Postcode Anywhere’s managing director Guy Mucklow said: “When you’re rushing to take down a customer’s contact details, it’s very easy to mishear a street name or other detail, or simply for your fingers to slip as you type.

“Further down the chain, the next person who looks at the record can be confused even further, leading to a knock-on effect that ends in lost deliveries, costly replacements and unhappy customers. Every single character that differs from the details the official postal service holds increases the final risk of customer goods going astray.

“Manchester City Football Club knows it’s unacceptable for fans to go without tickets, for whatever reason. In our view, organisations across the globe would do well to emulate the Club’s approach. A soccer club may be a business with a particularly passionate customer base, but fanatical sup ort should be everyone’s aim. Address look-up software is just one of the ways to go the extra yard and engender that kind of relationship.”

Address validation for the UK, US and worldwide

Postcode Anywhere has enhanced its latest release, Capture+, to provide full global coverage. The service requires no training and combines one address field with predictive technology offering complete and validated address suggestions as users type. Capture+ is now available for Salesforce, with a free 30-day trial available – visit the website for more information.

For more information on Capture+ on other platforms, including customer-facing websites, or to find out more about Postcode Anywhere’s other address validation services, the Postcode Anywhere website has further details.


Published on: 10:20AM on 19th June 2012