Adestra stand No A129 - Being unveiled at Marketing Week Live 2012 is a new feature within Adestra’s MessageFocus email marketing platform - Conversion Capture. This new functionality aims to tackle a growing problem for media owners: lost customers. Marketers can identify when a visitor has dropped off a transaction process, and automatically targets them with relevant and real-time email campaigns to remind them of the abandonment and encourage action.

Clearly these visitors (or ‘nearly-customers’) are hot leads, yet for some reason they leave mid-way through completing something on a website, so a relevant, timely email is proven to help re-activate them. It works by capturing the information needed to re-engage a site visitor, such as name, email address and the contents of their basket using cookie-less technology. This enables extremely persuasive communications designed to re-engage the abandoner: using highly personalised, one-to-one and relevant messages.

Timing is crucial explains Steve Denner, Director at Adestra: “Conversion Capture enables real-time, highly personalised follow-up with abandoners to re-engage them. It’s an ideal tool for marketers and one that’s fully integrated into MessageFocus to make a powerful digital marketing platform.”

Conversion Capture is built into Adestra’s MessageFocus, so it becomes a complete and flexible system with all the associated benefits of a top ESP, including deliverability and reporting. Conversion Capture provides a range of reports for marketers: from a one-page summary, down to data on each individual customer. It can display the captured amount and the percentage of customers that have been converted , showing you how much revenue has been captured using the technology.

Why not come and join us for a glass of bubbly and a demo of new MessageFocus Conversion Capture – we’re on stand A129


Also at Marketing Week Live

Adestra API
Integration technologies, such as APIs, aren’t just for techy teams. Using an API can be valuable to almost all digital marketing teams, not least by seriously improving results – visit the stand to find out full details and discuss live customer examples.
Adestra’s API provides a useful integration system, enabling features such as time-saving list management integrations and creating 1-1 transactional emails (such as order confirmations). Many retailers and publishers are already enjoying the substantial commercial benefits – not just saving time and saving budget, but improving customer experience without needing extra resource.

Adestra Presentations
Look out for the two speaking slots from the Adestra team at Marketing Week Live:

Date: 27th June 2012 - 15.20 - 15.50 (Email theatre)
Title: And the best subject line ever is…
Synopsis: “Massive discounts today! Cheap Viagra! Free Beer!” Every digital marketer knows the importance of subject lines, and yet they are often an afterthought in the campaign generation process. But what is the best subject line ever?
Speaker: Parry Malm, Account Director, Adestra

Date: 28th June 2012 - 13.20 - 13.50 (Email theatre)
Title: The Art of Conversation: Encouraging your recipients to spread your message
Synopsis: The key to engaging your customer and transforming them into brand advocates is to talk to them intelligently and appropriately. This presentation looks at how engaging campaigns, strategically placed social facilities and the use of incentivisation, can all help to transform your email addresses into brand advocates.
Speaker: Tom Irish, Account Manager, Adestra


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About Adestra
Founded in 2004, Adestra set out to be the most respected Email Service Provider. Today, Adestra is a market leader, with offices in Oxford, London and New York. Over 300 organisations globally and more than 4,500 marketers across most sectors, work with our technology, people and deliverability solutions to generate effective email marketing that deliver results.

Our Technology: Developed entirely in-house by our staff, Adestra’s MessageFocus gives clients an extremely scalable and configurable email service platform that consistently delivers.

Our People: We seek to provide the highest possible levels of technical customer support and intelligent, innovative consultation. In 2012 we released our customer charter, the first of any UK ESP, which is our promise to our clients. Our approach to client service has helped us to maintain our client retention rate at 98.7%; something we are very proud of.

Our Deliverability: Adestra offer a very honest approach to deliverability, quite simply there is no silver bullet. Our inbox placement rate, which peaks at 99.8% and our expertise, gives your emails the best chance of arriving in the destination inbox.

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Published on: 4:24PM on 20th June 2012