Online fraud has consistently been reported as one of the greatest threats to an advertiser’s business. In 2010, 56% of advertisers spent >£50K on online fraud prevention with 11% of the UK’s online community being a victim of fraud in the past year*. Leading performance marketing network, Affiliate Window has been proactively tackling this issue for many years with its Compliance Department. The department’s role is to ensure any individuals attempting to hijack traffic and sales of other publishers are identified and promptly removed from the network.

Last year, the network application procedure, already the most stringent in the industry, was further bolstered by the addition of ‘ProveID’, an identity verification solution from 192 business. The processes now in place allow us to identify publishers with rogue intentions before they join the network. Further investment was needed to maintain security and provide clients with the highest levels of fraud prevention. The three key areas for improvement were brand monitoring, identifying adware & spyware, and detecting fraudulent sales.

Snoopy, powered by BrandVerity is a brand monitoring and trademark abuse tool that can identify individuals using techniques such as reverse IP-geotargeting to evade monitoring or improper redirects to hide the original source of their traffic. Affiliate Window integrated this innovative and market-leading software back in 2008 as the first network in the UK to offer a brand protection solution for advertisers.

Peter Loveday, Chief Technical Officer for Affiliate Window: “Marketing your company online can be challenging, you need to have trust in the people you partner with. As a network we have always firmly believed it is our role to create that trusted marketplace by providing both tools and oversight and have been happy to play our part in strengthening the integrity of the channel.”

Affiliate Window’s proprietary PPV/adware policing solution, Agent99, identifies and protects against sales tied back to forced clicks, where the user has not knowingly clicked through to an advertisers site. The software runs a number of scenarios designed to trigger, identify and remove adware traffic and records all publisher links triggered in this manor, giving detailed log files for each offence.

Kount is a real-time monitoring solution that allows advertisers to quickly identify fraudulent activity whilst the order is still in progress, allowing the advertiser to either block the transaction or flag it for further review. Kount gives advertisers the confidence they need to grow their online businesses, allowing them to accept more orders from more people.

Effective controls are critical to the success of any marketing channel. Affiliate Window will continue to be one step ahead by ensuring its clients have access to best of breed compliance tools and are fully protected at all times.

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Published on: 8:42AM on 27th June 2012