Technology Advancement Evolves Mobile Marketing Beyond Generic Push Messaging; Personalised App Content Drives Revenue Opportunities and Higher Levels of Cross-Channel Engagement

TWICKENHAM, UK and NEWTON, Mass, USA – June 26, 2012 – Focused on evolving mobile marketing beyond siloed, generic SMS messaging, conversational marketing technology provider Neolane today announced a breakthrough solution to drive higher levels of cross-channel engagement. Using the first-of-its-kind Neolane Mobile App Channel, organisations can now facilitate one-to-one personalised messages and offers in mobile push notifications and in-app content. Neolane will demonstrate its new mobile channel capabilities at Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum 2012 East (New York City) and Marketing Week Live (London) this week.

As an additional channel within Neolane’s marketing technology platform, Neolane Mobile App Channel eases adoption of sophisticated mobile strategies that take advantage of customer knowledge and cross-channel capabilities. By integrating brands’ mobile app with their marketing database and automating the execution of campaigns using push notifications and in-app content that are personalised, contextualised and geo-personalised, Neolane further extends customer engagement across inbound and outbound communications channels. In addition to maximising revenue potential, Neolane Mobile App Channel moves organisations beyond expensive, one-sided SMS messaging to free, fully personalised and actionable push communications.

According to Forrester, “push notifications are a new way to offer more contextualised services and create loyalty and stickiness to an app. Companies in numerous industries are starting to deliver more personalised customer service. Moving forward, we expect more location, context-based, and real-time push notifications.”1

Mobile Apps: Evolving Customer Engagement
The Neolane Mobile App Channel supports a range of customer engagement strategies such as event triggered and cross-channel marketing. It can also integrate with transactional messaging initiatives as well as promotional and geolocation activities. Main features allow marketers to:

• Automate the execution of push notification campaigns via mobile apps that have been developed on iOS and Android platforms
• Dynamically create, target and personalise one-to-one push notifications and in-app marketing messages
• Integrate with geolocation capabilities built into an app to send contextual and geo-personalised offers
• Leverage profile data from the marketing database to deliver consistent messages via an app and other channels
• Analyse customers’ journey from the push notification through the app to enrich the marketing database
• Measure response rates of app users and improve app performance

For example, consider this use case where a customer browses through a consumer electronics retailer’s website and spots a video game he likes. The customer has also downloaded the retailer’s app, accepted push notifications, and opted-in for geolocation. When in the vicinity of one of the retailer’s stores, the customer will receive a one-to-one push notification offering a personalised discount on the video game he has researched online. Once the customer opens up the app, he can consult a map to locate the nearby store, view the best route, and access a unique bar code to be used for the in-store discount.

“To date, marketers utilising mobile have been stuck in a limited monologue with customers and prospects. The Neolane Mobile App Channel signals a dramatic shift that enables marketers to sustain real-time, interactive, personalised dialogues in tightly coordinated, cross-channel fashion,” said Stephane Dehoche, president and CEO, Neolane. “With our digital marketing roots, Neolane was an early mobile innovator. Our very first client leveraged Neolane’s conversational marketing platform to engage customers through SMS messages, and nearly half of our customers do so today. This new solution is the next step in improving the effectiveness of the channel and demonstrating what’s possible when organisations start closing the gap between the mobile audience and marketing investments.”

To learn more, visit the Neolane Mobile App Channel web page and download the related
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1 - Forrester Research, Inc., “The Mobile Application Life Cycle,” May 18, 2012

About Neolane
Neolane provides the only conversational marketing technology that empowers organisations to build and sustain one-to-one lifetime dialogues, dramatically increasing revenue and marketing efficiency. Born digital, with best-in-class email and inbound-outbound channel fusion capabilities architected into a single code-based platform, marketers achieve results in record time. Neolane is easy to use for both power and casual users, but powerful enough to drive the most sophisticated marketing strategies. Future proof, Neolane has a track record of enabling its customers to adapt to new customer engagement challenges and exploit opportunities more quickly than their competition. Neolane is used by more than 350 of the world’s leading companies including Alcatel Lucent,, Orange, Sears Canada, Sephora Europe and Sony Music. Visit and read our blog The Cross-Channel Conversation.

Published on: 9:42AM on 28th June 2012