Engine Creative has teamed up with heat magazine to create the first Augmented Reality (AR) issue to support the launch of new showbiz and music channel ‘heat TV’ on Tuesday July 3rd.

The collaboration has involved Engine Creative working alongside the heat editorial team to create exclusive ‘augmented’ content for readers to access via their smartphone or tablet devices. The creative agency has also developed a stand alone App, ‘heat extra’, utilising the Aurasma AR platform for both iOS and Android systems that readers can download for free. The App acts as the gateway to all of the exclusive content as they flick through the magazine, providing a truly interactive and engaging reading experience.

The July 3rd issue of heat magazine will feature a twelve page entertainment special with AR content within features including:
an insight into the guilty pleasures of David Walliams
Louis Walsh’s top five celebrities
an opportunity to join Leona Lewis on the farm!

The special issue will also feature an interactive AR treasure hunt giving readers the chance to win a range of prizes by hunting down the heat TV icon in one of the exclusive AR pages within the magazine. The game aims to generate awareness of heat TV, a new music and celebrity based cable channel to be launched on the same day and a venture that will expand the longevity and brand positioning of the Bauer Media brand.

Nicky Holt, Publisher of heat magazine, commented: “We’re extremely excited about the heat extra app and AR supplement, the project has been a true collaboration between Engine Creative and heat’s editorial and marketing teams. Bringing the pages of the magazine to life and guided by heat’s very own Lucie Cave, heat extra is a celebration of heat’s unique personality and access to celebrity.

heat extra, which has also been timed to coincide with the launch of heat TV on July 3 at 5pm further amplifies the magazine’s influence as a multi-platform brand, available for consumers to experience through print, online, radio and TV.”

Creative Director of Engine Creative, Phil Christer, adds: “Augmented Reality in magazines bridges the gap between online content and the printed page and is the perfect way to deliver exclusive content to heat magazine readers hungry for more gossip!

The fact that we can accurately measure downloads, clicks and views (amongst other things) makes it an ideal platform for publishers looking to engage more effectively with their readers and add value through a range of interactive content.”

To reveal exclusive AR content within July 3rd’s heat magazine download the ‘heat mag extra’ app from the App Store or the Android Market, open and point your smartphone or tablet device at the pages marked with the heat extra logo. Exclusive content will come to life before your very eyes and you’ll never look at a printed magazine in the same way again!

For more information please go to: (http://www.enginecreative.co.uk/blog/feeling-and-seeing-heat-engine-creative)


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The collaboration with heat magazine cements Engine Creative’s reputation as a forward-thinking creative agency following groundbreaking and award winning AR campaigns for The Ting Tings and Top Gear Magazine.

Engine Creative’s partnership with Aurasma and Top Gear Magazine saw the creation of the world’s first fully augmented print magazine. The AR campaign offered magazine readers access to some awesome video content that racked up over 45,000 views in 42 days!

Engine Creative has also collaboarated with multi-platinum selling artists The Ting Tings and Sony Music where we created the world’s first Augmented Album cover for a British band.

Top Gear magazine and heat magazine have already committed to developing and delivering augmented content throughout their publications for the foreseeable future with Engine Creative working closely with editorial and creative teams at the publishers to deliver the best reader experience possible. The next phase of the AR integration with the conventional publishing model is to open up interactive advertising opportunities for all advertisers within printed magazines.

The creation of engaging and interactive Augmented Reality content is paramount to the success of any AR campaign and Engine Creative is perfectly placed to utilise Digital, 3D, Motion Graphics and Video Production capabilities to effectively roll out innovative and successful Augmented Reality campaigns.

Published on: 11:51AM on 3rd July 2012