Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd is launching a new marketing campaign to drive interest and sales of its 100% electric model, the Nissan LEAF. To support the campaign, TMW has created a direct mail and email marketing drive, which will be rolled out throughout the summer.

Using insight from Nissan’s customer intelligence agency, Indicia, the brand was able to identify two key audiences, which were used to create two distinct direct mailings. The first targets a ‘green’ audience and focuses on the model’s environmental credentials while the second targets a ‘tech’ audience and promotes the unique technology that the LEAF offers.

The ‘green’ pack asks recipients to ‘say goodbye to compromise’ as they can have it all with a LEAF. It highlights the model’s zero emissions, high speed and the fact that it can be easily charged at home or at one of the rapidly expanding network of public charging points – there will be 10,000 by the end of 2013. To appeal to the most environmentally aware consumers, the pack states that the ‘LEAF is made up of more than 20% recycled materials’ and is ‘95% recoverable’.

The second pack highlights the LEAF’s unique technology, including its navigation and telematics system and Smartphone app. The app allows owners to plan their journeys and pre-set their car’s heating and air con system before they leave home. The pack also includes a two penny piece accompanied by the line ‘Your first mile in LEAF is on us!, drawing attention to the model’s low cost per mile. The direct mailings and email communications drive recipients to the Nissan website where they can book a test drive.

Yasmin Al Jeboury, Nissan CRM Manager, says: “The Nissan LEAF is the world’s first 5-seat 100% electric car. As a brand, Nissan pushes boundaries and leads the way with innovation - the LEAF is another example of this. With consumers becoming increasingly concerned about reducing their carbon footprint, it’s important we offer them a real alternative to petrol cars and the LEAF does just that.”

Alastair Hutchison, creative director at TMW, adds: “Electric cars are often viewed with certain misconceptions. This campaign breaks these down and shows that going electric doesn’t have to be a compromise. Defining two distinct audiences allowed us to create a more targeted campaign that taps into the needs and motivations of the individual consumer.”

Published on: 10:25AM on 4th July 2012