FTSE350 companies have closed the gap on the DAX and MDAX as all the indices see a fall in their scores. Substantial changes to the IQ criteria and weightings were made at the start of 2012, reflecting developments in digital communications best practice. This has caused a drop off of all index scores, but the FTSE100 and 250 have gained on the DAX and MDAX by an average of 3.2%.

The German markets have traditionally shown some of the strongest results since the IQ Rankings began in 2009, but in recent times they have found their position challenged. In Q1 of this year, the OMXH leap frogged the DAX to take top spot and in this quarter, the FTSE250 has come within one point of the MDAX for the first time. German companies remain strong with the likes of Bayer and Deutsche Post ranking highly, but by and large they are losing their outright lead on UK companies.

Increasing scores in the Usability and Multimedia elements of websites, and better than average totals for Social Media and Interactivity have boosted the overall score for the FTSE250. Stand out performers include easyJet for their Multimedia content, Fidessa Group for Social Media and all-round high performer Atkins.

The ATX remained steady, with only a slightly higher drop off than average, whilst the SMI swapped places with the FTSE100 to take 3rd place in the index rankings. The highest scoring FTSE100 companies are still well above those of the SMI, but strong showings from Nestle, UBS and Credit Suisse have raised the index’s average above that of the FTSE. The RTSI still lags well behind its central European rivals, but also gained ground with good results from Gazprom Neft and Uralkali.

Commenting on the latest results, Investis’ Business Development Director Al Loehnis said:

“The changes that we’ve seen to the Rankings this quarter show that UK listed companies are increasingly dedicated to improving their digital communications, rising to the high standards set on the German exchanges. If the DAX and MDAX are showing signs of stagnation, then FTSE350 companies are utilising the new digital communications solutions in the form of apps, interactive tools and social media channels to develop the case for investment.”


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For the full Q2 2012 Rankings visit our blog: http://blog.investis.com/en/2012/07/iq-q2-the-uk-indices-move-in-on-the-dax/

Published on: 12:28PM on 4th July 2012