Resourcing has been identified as a key issue limiting how effectively companies use web analytics data, with companies failing to keep up with the pace of change in the industry, according to research carried out by Econsultancy in association with Lynchpin.

On average, only 52% of web analytics expenditure is spent on internal staff, a figure which has not changed since 2011. This is despite 40% of companies in 2011 having planned to increase their budget on staff to analyse web data, which highlights that finding the right people is proving a difficult challenge.

The Online Measurement and Strategy Report, now in its fifth year, also found that the proportion of companies who employ no dedicated web analysts has increased from 25% in 2011 to 30% in 2012, while the proportion of companies who employ up to four analysts has decreased from 65% to 58%.

According to the research, the lack of budget and resources was listed as one of the main barriers to an effective online measurement strategy, with 50% of respondents listing this as a problem.

This year’s report is based on a survey of 700 digital marketers and web analysts. Since 2008, the research has surveyed both those working directly for companies (i.e. in-house or client-side) and those supporting them on the supply-side (i.e. agencies, vendors and consultancies), providing an opportunity to look back at the developments within online measurement since then.

Lynchpin Managing Director, Andrew Hood, said: “Resourcing is clearly an issue, with businesses struggling to recruit experienced analysts. However there is often little clarity around exactly what the ‘web analyst’ skillset should be with the boundaries between technical, analytical and commercial often loosely defined.”

He added: “Getting the basics right looks to be a key (and respectable) focus, with persistent buzzwords of late like attribution actually showing little practical adoption. This again hints at process being key to getting actionable recommendations in front of the key decision makers, rather than more complex data models.”

The research also covers trends in the use of business intelligence software, the products and vendors they use for web analytics and business intelligence, the tasks web analysts are asked to focus on, and the resources that companies currently invest in online measurement.

Other findings from the report include:

-) Just 23% of companies state that their web analytics “definitely” drives actionable recommendations that make a difference, while 59% of companies believe that less than half of the data they collect is useful.

-) One in 20 companies using Google Analytics are now using the paid-for Premium product, with a further 26% considering paying for it in the future.

-) Over a third of companies (34%) state that web analytics is not integrated at all into their business intelligence strategy, with 14% stating that their company has no business intelligence strategy.

-) A quarter of companies (25%) state that they do attribution modelling, a figure which is almost the same as 2011 (24%). The lack of increase is likely due to a lack of staff coupled with internal organisational challenges.

-) The proportion of companies who have a framework for analysing customer journeys that cross online and offline has decreased from 22% to 19% in the past year.

-) Only 22% of companies state that they have a company-wide strategy that ties data collection and analysis to company objectives.

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Published on: 3:15PM on 5th July 2012