DC Storm has launched its new Cookie Consent Extension, which is deployed through Storm Container Tag, to allow website owners to gain their users’ consent to use cookies.

On the 26th May 2012 the ICO started to enforce the EU ePrivacy Directive that imposed legislation concerning website owners’ cookie transparency. Despite many mixed messages and much confusion, they stated that gaining users’ implicit consent for cookies will ensure a website is compliant.

Many marketers are still struggling to comply, as they do not have a unified view of their tags and no way of gaining consent, and so risk unwanted attention from the ICO.

Deployed free of charge for managed Storm Container Tag customers, the Cookie Consent Extension is a convenient way to ensure that users are informed of the website owner’s cookie policy whilst gaining implied consent.

The Cookie Consent Extension is a message that appears on your website, stating that your site uses cookies for optimal user experience and points users towards your cookie information page. Users can click to accept and hide the message, or implied consent is assumed after a period of time, as set by the website owner.

DC Storm’s Container Tag team will help clients to customise the look and feel, as well as the message of the extension to ensure it fits in seamlessly with the site. DC Storm’s CEO, Seth Richardson, says, “Cookies have received a lot of bad press recently around tracking and privacy, but this is born out of miscommunication of how they are used by responsible marketers. It is important that we educate everybody about how cookies can improve users’ online experience in terms of remembering preferences and optimising performance. DC Storm’s tailored products and services are all about making the most of relevant data, so helping our clients organise their cookie compliance is a natural part of this. The Cookie Consent Extension is the perfect way to convey a message without impacting the experience of the user.”

For more information on the Cookie Consent Extension and Storm Container Tag please visit http://www.dc-storm.com/storm-platform/container-tag/cookie-consent-extension/

About DC Storm

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Published on: 12:00PM on 12th July 2012