INFINITI, the luxury automotive brand from Japan, has launched an integrated marketing campaign to support the launch of the limited FX Vettel Edition. The campaign, which kicks off this week, aims to raise awareness and drive purchase of the luxury car, of which there will only be fifty for sale in Western Europe. The car made its first public appearance at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The FX Vettel Edition continues Infiniti’s partnership with Red Bull Racing and double Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel. The car itself was developed by Vettel in collaboration with Infiniti’s chief creative officer, Shiro Nakamura. It features an aerodynamic design inspired by the Red Bull Racing Formula One car that helps to make the FX Vettel Edition Infiniti’s fastest, most powerful model.

The integrated campaign includes a refreshed website, eCRM, social media activity, a series of exclusive films and a range of luxury ‘experiences’. Forming part of Infiniti’s ‘Since Now’ brand campaign, which launched last year, the campaign leads with the strapline “Since now the perfect sportscar is an SUV”. The key visual is derived from dynamic carbon-fibre shapes and reflects the car’s direct link to Formula One.

To highlight the exclusive nature of the FX Vettel Edition, a number of luxury “experiences” for hot prospects and customers have been developed. The most exclusive piece is a personalised iPad that serves as a private communication channel between Infiniti and each individual buyer of an FX Vettel Edition. It contains exclusive videos about its development and a number of continuously updated stories around the car and double Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel, and also delivers continual updates on the production status of the buyer’s car. Strategy was developed by TBWA/G1, while the overall look and feel was jointly developed by TBWA/G1 and Köckritzdörrich. Production and distribution were managed by Köckritzdörrich.

The integrated campaign also includes a revamped website, eCRM and social media activities that will be handled by TMW. The refreshed website features images of the new model with projections of Sebastian Vettel across them. The idea is to demonstrate Vettel’s involvement in designing the car and show that he is part of its DNA. The website tells the story of the car’s journey from concept car to finished product and leads consumers to an online form for them to express their interest in purchasing the car and the brand’s social media platforms.

According to Jean-Pierre Diernaz, the marketing director of Infiniti Europe, “the FX Vettel Edition offers customers a unique experience that is in keeping with the brand’s high performance and specialist design credentials. It’s an exclusive product, so it’s really important that all of our communications reflect this. Our various agencies have worked together to ensure that the campaign has a consistent look and feel.”

Published on: 11:18AM on 25th July 2012