ReadSoft software enables rapid processing of the British Chambers of Commerce Quarterly Economic Survey

Milton Keynes, UK, March 8, 2005 - The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has selected ReadSoft DOCUMENTS for FORMS software to automate the processing of its Quarterly Economic Survey, the UK’s largest independent business survey.

The BCC - a non-political, non-profit making organisation comprising a national network of UK businesses with over five million employees - sends out the Quarterly Economic Survey to its membership to determine the health of the UK economy. The survey includes questions on such matters as sales, exports, pricing, recruitment, and so on.

“The results from the questionnaire are used to produce a report that influences banks, investment houses, government departments and the media,” said Emmeline Owens, the BCC’s Head of Policy. “We therefore needed to process the results in a timely manner, and selected ReadSoft’s software to rapidly capture the data from the survey and enable it to be analysed and interpreted for the report and our quarterly economic forecast.”

The BCC selected ReadSoft DOCUMENTS for FORMS software, which automates information extracted from structured and semi-structured forms in any format. The creation and automated processing of the questionnaires is done via a seamless, integrated solution incorporating scanning, ReadSoft’s Document Automation software and SPSS’ authoring and analysis software.

For the fourth quarter 2004 over 5,500 companies across the UK responded to the survey. “As well as automating the processing of the Quarterly Economic Survey, we’re planning to use ReadSoft’s software for our other surveys – on employment, for example, and the forthcoming UK general election,” added Emmeline Owens.

Colin Kaye, President of ReadSoft in the UK, said: “Our software is designed to power business efficiency, so we’re delighted that it is being used to automate the processing of the UK’s largest independent business survey.”

ReadSoft DOCUMENTS for FORMS is part of the ReadSoft DOCUMENTS platform, a complete solution for Document Automation which incorporates solutions for electronic invoice handling, electronic mailroom, indexing, rapid EDI, as well as forms.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 8th March 2005