ValueClick media, part of ValueClick Inc, a world leading digital media solutions company, is launching a new initiative confirming the performance of its digital display proposition.

In celebration of the 2012 Olympics, ValueClick media is offering a 20/12 Brand Guarantee, providing display advertisers with a simple performance proposition. ValueClick media will deliver brand lift against a campaign or the advertiser will receive their money back, measured using a one question Vizu survey before and after the campaign.

With the latest IAB and PwC advertising expenditure report showing display up 13.4% to top £1bn in 2011, and strong indications that the market continues to grow, the 20/12 Brand Guarantee initiative is intended to focus marketer’s attention on the range of different options available in the display market.

It highlights ValueClick media’s performance proposition based on crafting highly effective digital display strategies using a variety of media sources including its own premium publisher network and appropriate media acquired externally to match each brief. First launched in the U.S. market last month, the 20/12 Brand Guarantee proposition launches in the UK this week.

ValueClick media works with marketers to identify the best brand lift metric to measure their campaign, then optimises the campaign to reach desired brand performance as measured with a pre-arranged, one question Vizu survey. If ValueClick media cannot identify positive brand lift at the end of the campaign, the advertiser will receive money back.

Standard performance metrics don’t tell the complete story for a brand-focused campaign. Independent research proves ValueClick media’s brand solutions are more than 2x as powerful in generating unaided awareness and are successful in lifting purchase intent 4.2 times higher than other leading networks, according to research from InsightExpress, a digital marketing research provider.

Richard Sharp, UK Managing Director of ValueClick media comments: “Our 20/12 Brand Guarantee is an unapologetically bold initiative designed to challenge the market and emphasise our belief that experience and flexibility trumps automation every time when it comes to delivering ROI.

“Digital display continues to thrive, but marketers are finding that display campaigns deliver real value when they are based on a tailored approach rather than one size fits all solutions.”

All ValueClick media brand advertising campaigns offer peace of mind that advertiser’s campaigns will run on over 8,500 AdSafe monitored sites. As an added value, ValueClick media will provide an AdSafe Viewability report as part of the company’s comprehensive reporting suite.

For more information contact:
Sophie Mackenzie, PR manager, ValueClick Media UK: +44 (0) 20 8785 5420

20/12 Brand Guarantee - Terms and Conditions

ValueClick Media (“VCM”) is offering a Guarantee (“Guarantee”) that the advertisements that it delivers will produce a positive Brand Lift or VCM will pay the advertiser based on these following terms and conditions. For a campaign to be eligible for the Guarantee, the campaign must (i) have Brand Lift as its primary objective; (ii) have a singular and fully executed insertion order of no less than £20,000 in display or video internet advertising (mobile and lead generation excluded); (iii) have a minimum CPM of £3.50; (iv) have at least 14 million impressions; (v) be fully and evenly served by VCM or a mutually agreed upon third party ad server; and (vi) run for at least 60 but no longer than 120 days. Brand Lift will be determined by Vizu contrasted with a control ad (run for a duration determined by VCM) in response to one survey question, which complies with both Vizu and VCM guidelines. Additionally, Guarantee campaigns may only target U.S. users and utilize unmodified tags and consistent creative that is reasonably acceptable to VCM.  

To be eligible for the Guarantee, a campaign insertion order must directly state that it is subject to these Guarantee Terms and Conditions. After execution of such insertion order, the advertiser may increase the budget or flight dates to that campaign; however, any such budget increase will not increase the value of the Guarantee and flight duration may not exceed 120 days. In the event the advertiser terminates an insertion order subject to this Guarantee for any reason or pauses the campaign for more than 10 days during the campaign’s scheduled flight dates, then the Guarantee shall be null and void. VCM reserves the right to terminate this Guarantee during a campaign’s scheduled flight for any reason; in the event VCM exercises such right and there is no positive Brand Lift attributable to the campaign as determined by Vizu, then advertiser is subject to a Guaranteed Payment (as defined below) for only the pro-rated value of the impressions actually served. In the event (i) advertiser notifies VCM in writing that a campaign subject to a Guarantee had no measureable Brand Lift within 10 days of its receipt of a Vizu campaign report; (ii) advertiser’s account is not overdue as of the last date of the campaign; and (iii) VCM, in its reasonable discretion and in accordance with the Vizu findings, concurs; then VCM will return £12,000 to the advertiser (“Guaranteed Payment”) towards the advertiser’s invoice and such credit shall be the sole and exclusive remedy available to advertiser if no Brand Lift is obtained on a campaign. Such campaign findings and Guaranteed Payment shall be considered VCM’s “Confidential Information” as defined in the master terms and conditions governing the insertion order. 

Notes to editors
ValueClick Media: Intelligence Applied

ValueClick Media empowers brands to click with the people. We execute sophisticated, flexible display strategies on a global scale and we consistently deliver the maximum value to digital advertisers.

We’ve been at the cutting edge of online marketing since 1998 and we’re part ValueClick Inc., a world leader in online marketing.

Three things power our pioneering approach to digital marketing:
• Our publisher network: Built with a focus on quality, our publisher network reaches almost 80% of UK internet users
• Our proprietary technology: Enables brands to identify and reach audiences in real-time, connecting brands to the right consumers in the most cost effective way possible whether that’s through DSPs, Exchanges or our own display network.
• Experts who deliver: Our teams bring to bear all the trading opportunities available to deliver campaigns with real clout and we do it with first class client service
• Innovation: we’re always keeping an eye on the market to see where it’s heading and how consumer behaviour is changing.  With the recent advent of tablets and rise of smartphones our most recent expansion is into mobile where we provide world leading mobile advertising opportunities powered by Greystripe

Published on: 12:32PM on 8th August 2012