London, 9 August 2012

Econsultancy (link:, the leading global provider of independent insight on best practice digital marketing and e-commerce, announced today the release of its Real-Time Bidding Buyer’s Guide, which advises buyers on the fast growing phenomenon of bidding on online display advertising in real time, one ad impression at a time.

"With display advertising poised for continued growth in the US and Europe as a strong second player after search, real-time bidding (RTB) platforms have been reaping the benefits," says Monica Savut, Senior Research Analyst, Econsultancy. "Real-time bidding enables advertisers to reach their audiences more effectively and select the best impressions to bid on, while publishers benefit from an incremental revenue lift, more valuable inventory and improved pricing strategies. The sector is evolving quickly as media buyers and publishers focus more than ever on transparency, actionable insights, digital media convergence and cross-channel attribution."

Display still accounts for the bulk of RTB spending, but RTB is emerging as a substantial component of other channels, such as social, video and mobile. After experiencing the potential of RTB in display, media buyers have become excited about translating these capabilities to other channels. Reaching consumers across multiple media platforms within a single campaign has long been the ultimate objective for digital marketers and RTB is increasingly seen as the most efficient method to do so.

The detailed assessment of the market and company profiles included in this guide can help organisations identify the right RTB platform and benefit from more effective targeting, enhanced performance and transparency. The guide also includes extensive insight from individuals on the front-line of the online display advertising industry.

Trends covered in this guide include:
-) How Facebook is capitalising on the dynamic real-time bidding market
-) Why the integration of multiple channels into a single RTB platform has become a key success factor
-) How advertisers have taken more control over media planning and execution
-) Concerns over inventory quality and measurement problems hold back development

The guide contains in-depth profiles of the leading demand-side platforms (DSPs), supply-side platforms (SSPs) and trading desks to help quickly evaluate vendors and tips (and pitfalls to avoid) to help you find the right RTB platform.

The following platforms and trading desks are featured in the guide:
-) Demand-side platforms (DSPs): Adform, Adobe, Brandscreen, DataXu, Digilant (formerly Adnetik), Infectious Media, Invite Media, LucidMedia, MediaMath, Rocket Fuel, StrikeAd, The Trade Desk, TubeMogul, Turn
-) Trading desks: The Exchange Lab, Varick Media Management, Xaxis
-) Supply-side platforms (SSPs): Admeld, PubMatic, Rubicon Project

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T: +44 (0)207 269 1454

Linus Gregoriadis, Research Director, Econsultancy
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About the Real-Time Bidding Buyer's Guide

Econsultancy's Real-Time Bidding Buyer's Guide is the ideal starting place for anybody looking for a real-time bidding platform or reviewing the capabilities of their current supplier. It contains in-depth profiles from 20 DSPs, SSPs and trading desks to help quickly evaluate suppliers and service providers, as well as market analysis to help put things into perspective.

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Published on: 2:01PM on 9th August 2012