Popular casual games publishers add to Boonty's online game catalog.

Announced today, PlayFirst, eGames and Playtonium will become the latest publishers to sign up with online games distributor, Boonty, provider of the world's largest digital distribution channel. These global distribution agreements will allow the publishers to sell their titles via the network in the USA, Europe and Asia. The Boonty distribution network includes over 70 channels including some of the world's major internet destination portals and ISP's, totaling more than 300 million unique users a month.

PlayFirst is the leading full-service publisher of popular online games such as Subway Scramble(tm), Spellagories(tm), and Chessmaster® Challenge in addition to the breakaway hit Diner Dash(tm). eGames will provide Boonty with up to 20 of its Family Friendly titles such as Drop! (tm), Mini Golf Master(tm) 2 and Speedy Eggbert®; and Playtonium will offer their ever popular Jigsaw Collections, challenging word games, and Playtonium's newest hit, Jigsaw365.

"We are definitely thrilled to be able to add these great titles to our product mix" said Romain Nouzareth, President & CEO of Boonty Inc. "PlayFirst, eGames and Playtonium have already proven to be successful publishers in this genre and their top notch casual titles will bring a lot of value to our Game Centers implemented everywhere in the world" he added.

In addition to casual PC titles, Boonty also distributes leading front-line PC CD-Rom games as well as mobile games. According to Martin Currie, VP of Content Acquisition and Licensing, what differentiates Boonty is not only its massive distribution channel, but the variety of games on offer and the ability to design best method marketing plans that maximize game sales for its content and distribution partners.

"Our goal is to be the single best point to distribute games online" says Currie. "We want to help transform the industry to the point where brand managers at leading publishers strategically include initiatives involving digital distribution in their product launch plans. We are really just getting started."

About Boonty:
Boonty has developed a technological platform for paid video game downloading which incorporates rights, payment and clearing management, with a catalogue of several hundred video games targeted at the mass gaming market. The white-branded product is delivered as a turn-key package to major Internet portals, enabling them to immediately offer a wide variety of paid gaming services. Boonty has already developed partnerships with dozens of portals, including T-Online, Wanadoo, Yahoo!, Telecom Italia, Club-Internet, Tiscali, etc... Boonty's publishing partners include Atari, Ubisoft, Acclaim, Wild Tangent, etc... http://www.boonty.com

About PlayFirst, Inc.
PlayFirst, Inc. publishes popular games targeted at the mass market through all online consumer platforms. As Internet penetration has grown to 90 million users in the U.S. alone, including 30 million broadband customers, the Internet has become a viable distribution outlet for games. Available on more than 250 sites and in 10 countries worldwide, PlayFirst games can be found through various channel partners. PlayFirst was founded in 2004 by veterans of Internet portals, traditional games publishers and technology firms and received venture funding from Mayfield and Trinity Ventures. To learn more, please visit: www.playfirst.com.

About eGames, Inc.
eGames, Inc., headquartered in Langhorne, PA, publishes and markets a diversified line of Family Friendly, affordable consumer entertainment PC software games. The Company promotes the eGames_ brand in order to generate customer loyalty, encourage repeat purchases and differentiate eGames software products to retailers and consumers. eGames also publishes and markets RealAge® Games & Skills, a collection of PC software activities and games designed to help build and maintain mental sharpness. Additional information regarding eGames, Inc. and RealAge Games & Skills can be found at www.egames.com and www.realagegames.com eGames -- Where the "e'' is for Everybody!®

About Playtonium
Playtonium publishes popular puzzle games for online and offline play. Playtonium's parent company, Adveractive, Inc., was founded in 1994 and has been a leading Internet game publisher since its first online games appeared in 1996. Playtonium games are sold through channel partners including Boonty among others. To learn more, please visit: www.playtonium.com.

Published on: 12:00AM on 9th March 2005