Home improvement specialist starts their Customer Experience Optimisation journey with A/B and multivariate testing

Everest, the home improvements company, has partnered with Maxymiser, the global expert in Customer Experience Optimisation (CXO), including multivariate testing and personalisation. The partnership will improve the customer experience and enhance the customer journey on its website, making it easier and simpler for the customer to find the information they need across an extensive range of home improvement products and services.

Everest will start its Customer Experience Optimisation journey using Maxymiser’s MaxTEST™, carrying out A/B and multivariate testing across critical pages in its online conversion funnel. Working with Everest, Maxymiser will design a series of initial tests that will determine the best combination of content, design and layout that will enable the customer to get in touch via the channel that is most convenient to them, delivering the right call to action to the right customer at the right time. Other tests will focus on optimising informative brochureware content aimed at providing users who are browsing and researching on the site with everything they need before they feel ready to get in touch.

Everest selected Maxymiser following a review of suppliers, recognising that Maxymiser’s solutions portfolio could support a long-term customer experience optimisation strategy and provide a user interface that brings simplicity to testing.

Previously, Everest was carrying out manual tests on its site, but working with Maxymiser is enabling it to work more quickly and responsively to real time customer needs, delivering a stronger return on investment. Through Maxymiser’s technology and consultative expertise, the home improvements company can design and execute tests with ease no reliance on IT for recoding, bringing the confidence that changes can be made based on objective data and real-time customer behaviour, in a uniquely fluid approach.

Jenny Cahill, Group Brand and Digital Manager, Everest, said: “With Maxymiser we are now able to confidently respond to our customers’ needs on our site and continuously improve their online experience. As you might expect from Everest, a constant and evolving programme of web development, centered around our customers, has always been at the heart of our strategy. With Maxymiser’s technology and superb level of expertise and support from the account and consultancy teams, we can feel confident that the developments are based on an extensive and thorough testing and support programme.”

Everest has scope to extend its service with Maxymiser in the future, using MaxRECOMMEND™ to serve the most engaging products at every stage of the customer journey online, so all visitors receive a personalised, rewarding experience on the site.

Wayne Morris, UK General Manager of Maxymiser, commented: “Our work with Everest demonstrates that Customer Experience Optimisation is not solely about increasing sales conversions on a website. Everest has recognised the critical role that testing and personalisation plays in delivering a highly rewarding online experience that leads to customer loyalty and offline engagement. Everest can now start to gain insights into what drives website visitors to book appointments and improve the overall site experience, retaining its current customers and winning new.”

Published on: 9:39AM on 16th August 2012