As spammers, virus writers and e-commerce hackers increasingly target mobile phones, wireless laptop computers and PDAs, the BS7799 specialist IT Governance Ltd today launches an entrepreneur’s guide to the threats, risks and simple solutions. Priced – exclusively through - at an ultra-affordable £9.95, this eBook uses clear language to identify the key threats in each of the wireless technologies (Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellphone, etc) and describes how to protect your communications, safeguard confidential information, prevent e-commerce transaction interceptions, avoid identity theft and keep personal data safe.

Internet entrepreneurs and young, fast-growing e-commerce businesses leverage all the most modern technologies – and this puts them at immediate risk, because wireless laptops, Cellphones and PDAs have, out of the box, little or no security.

These devices are pre-configured for quick deployment: they are deliberately set up to be completely insecure. HotSpots, which are a great workplace, are also a hotbed for criminals. Organized crime, spammers, virus writers and hackers can infiltrate and attack your e-commerce backend - where all the valuable data is stored - through any insecure endpoint device – wireless laptop, PDA or SmartPhone.

Consultants will, for a fee, help you tackle something you could deal with more quickly and far less expensively yourself. And, if you’re a smaller business, you almost certainly can’t – or won’t want to - afford any of the consultants who really know what they’re doing. But the issue is pressing: organized crime won’t postpone its attacks until after you’re secure – and business survival depends on your e-commerce and computing systems.

While there are many other factors to total information security, this NON-Geek guide is the closest thing you’ll find to a wireless silver bullet. Its 40 pages have everything one needs to know about wireless security – from protecting a Cellphone, PDA or wireless laptop, through to simple VPNs and the secure configuration of small wireless networks. It even identifies the not-so obvious risks – and the logical precautions – of working in Internet cafes.
The NON-Geek guide to wireless security is exclusively downloadable from

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Alan Calder, the author of the NON-Geek Guide, is a founder director of IT Governance Ltd. His other books include:
IT Governance: a Manager’s Guide to Data Security and BS7799/ISO17799
IT Governance: Guidelines for Directors
The ABCs of Information Security

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Published on: 12:00AM on 10th March 2005