Mazeberry is the first French firm about innovation in Web Analytics. Mazeberry is today a leading Multitouch Analytics platform which is complementary to Google Analytics. It develops and provides solutions to e-commerce merchants of all sizes, helping them to conduct a sound analysis of the behavior of a net surfer before he buys something online.
Mazeberry Express is made for active e-merchants who want to save time and become more precise: Mazeberry Express helps its customers to save one day per month.

Mazeberry listened to e-commerce merchants and understood their need. Mazeberry optimizes the performance monitoring of websites by a interactive and operational dashboard which simplifies the exhibition of data.
Indeed, the force of Mazeberry Express remains in the relevant and ease of use with an optimum interface. E-commerce merchants have even the possibility t customize directly the generated nfographic : they can add the logo of their firm, some text or another item they judge as important.
The visual aspect they get makes the result easy to read. The interpretation of data becomes clearer. Crucial information is in value. The global result is more pleasant than any other Web Analytics solution.

More information on: http://www.mazeberry-express.com

Published on: 4:50PM on 4th September 2012