ACH Payments has partnered with organic search specialists Safeserps to provide full on-site optimisation, increase online awareness, boost brand loyalty and increase the local client base.

Anthony Shemmans, Safeserps Director of Organic Search, says: “This is a significant partnership, and it will give both companies the launch-pad to spur growth and increase revenue, our experience in the financial sector and the specialist teams at ACH will give us the edge in organic search.”

The Safeserps organic search team has already selected several hundred highly competitive keywords to target and combined those with an education campaign that involves the ACH Client base, further boosting brand awareness.

Gene Krause, CEO of ACH Payments, says: “We are very excited about the collaboration with Safeserps going forward – We attend conferences for these vertical client sectors, we will be promoting the services offered at these conferences.”

September 7, 2012

About Safeserps

Spurred on by high growth, Safeserps was founded in 2011 as an amalgamation of smaller companies, Safeserps means simply great SEO.

Operating from state of the art premises near Coventry we perform Organic Search Campaigns for some of the UKs largest online entities.

About ACH Payments

ACH Payments has been providing e-telligent payment processing solutions to thousands of businesses of all sizes for over 10 years. No matter what type of business circumstances or business environment are encountered, ACH Payments is always committed to meeting or exceeding the needs of our clients.

Published on: 12:06PM on 7th September 2012