Hallam Internet has partnered with Nottingham Forest Football Club to deliver a series of innovative workshops on how social media can advance your business. The first date has already sold out, and the next date has been scheduled for October 11, 2012 at the famous City Ground Stadium, Nottingham.

Susan Hallam, Managing Director of Hallam Internet will host the workshops. She commented:

“The workshops focus on how people can use tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and other social media sites to grow their business. I will attempt to highlight how customers interact with twitter, and how business owners can successfully use LinkedIn as a selling tool.”

The workshops will introduce proven strategies for generating businesses profit using social media, including:

• How to choose the right social media tools for your business needs
• How to build your brand visibility and position yourself as an expert in your field
• How to use social media tools for just 15 minutes a day and still get great results
• How to use social media to improve your Google rankings

The dates should provide an opportunity for informal networking and relationship building between guests. And attendees are entitled to a free tour of The City Ground at the conclusion of the workshop.

Interested parties can register for the event by visiting:

About Hallam Internet

Established in 1999, Hallam Internet is a leading provider of Internet marketing consultancy and services in the UK. They are a team of Independent business consultants who are:

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Published on: 2:37PM on 11th September 2012