Knowing your online customers and personalising their browsing experience to increase conversion rates and ROIs on websites has never been easier or more cost efficient. The Campaign Hub, an intelligent personalised digital marketing tool, has launched with the aim to break down the barriers of the previously costly personalised marketing arena - available, up until now, to big brands like Tesco, Coca-Cola and Nike.

This new platform, from The Campaign Hub, is cost effective and requires very little technical knowledge to create highly targeted and personal campaigns without the need for a dedicated content management system.

The Campaign Hub offers marketers the opportunity to understand, in real time, what its users are doing on their site. It enables companies to identify people, patterns, trends and how long each person spends on each page. This enhances and compliments Google analytics data and makes for a very powerful marketing tool.

Marketers are then able to segment audiences according to new business, existing customers, age and gender, location profiling using real time data. This allows them to create targeted, specific and effective marketing campaigns for each segment.

The personalised marketing technology, from The Campaign Hub, enables companies to understand its traffic so that they can use behavioural targeting to react, create landing pages, banners, contact forms, images as well as directing campaigns to target audiences and increase ROI.

The Campaign Hub, integrating with Facebook, allows visitors to sign in with their Facebook account. This makes it easier and time efficient for the consumer to sign up for offers and allows the marketer access to the customer’s profile data with their permission.

In addition, The Campaign Hub offers companies the same segmentation and personalisation technology to email an unlimited number of subscribers a customised marketing newsletter on a weekly/monthly basis.

The Campaign Hub is being brought to market by experienced digital marketers, Ruth Hoskins and Tony Drant of White Horse Digital, a digital content marketing agency. They said: “Personalised marketing works - it drives sales and increases conversion rates. This is the future of digital marketing. We are offering our new clients a 30 day free trial to demonstrate the power of this technology.”

Co-founder of The Campaign Hub, Ruth Hoskins says: “This technology has never been accessible to due to cost and complexity. We have broken that mould. There is no need to rebuild your existing website or have any technical knowledge to use this tool.”

5 ways The Campaign Hub can improve your digital marketing campaign:

1. It increases conversion rates by up to 88%*
2. Generates leads & enquiries into your products & services
3. Test and optimise campaigns and create unique landing pages for key products and services
4. Allows you to be personal with your visitors helping you to form a relationship that will last
5. By recognising visitors you are able to reward them for their loyalty & serve their needs

For further information visit
Telephone Juliet Stott, Head of Content Marketing & PR on 0843 2080465/07779 792935
Email us at,
Twitter: @thecampaignhub
*Research data from econsultancy based on social graph data (June 2012)

About White Horse Digital:
White Horse Digital was founded in 2010 with the simple objective of putting our client’s customers at the heart of every marketing strategy. It specialises in using personalised marketing technology from The Campaign Hub as well as tailoring content marketing and inbound marketing to its client’s needs. Its ethos is to use new technologies make clients shine in their online world. They have offices in London and York, UK.

Published on: 11:54AM on 13th September 2012