Epiphany Group is establishing a new social media and digital PR agency.

Shackleton is a wholly owned subsidiary of Epiphany and specialises in social media and digital PR. Epiphany founder Robin Skidmore explains “Shackleton is a logical next step for the Epiphany Group. Our clients often ask Epiphany to support their social media strategies and we wanted to establish a new agency to offer a specific skillset beyond pure search marketing”.

The agency unveiled a new brand and Operations Board in 2011, allowing founders Shane Quigley and Robin Skidmore to investigate new strategic opportunities for the company.

The announcement comes just three weeks after the Epiphany Group announced that it is opening an agency in Sydney, Australia. Skidmore’s co-founder Shane Quigley is moving to Australia to establish Epiphany Australia, while Skidmore will focus on establishing Shackleton in the UK. Shackleton has already secured office space in Leeds and London.

Epiphany Group CEO Rob Shaw said, "This is another step forward for the Epiphany group of companies and its evidence of the way that we’re constantly innovating and looking for new opportunities to leverage our philosophy of data-led, creatively executed digital marketing.”

Epiphany has grown quickly since its inception in 2005, employing 96 in Leeds and London. The agency grew its fees from management revenues by 54% in the 2011-12 financial year with SEO and PPC campaigns live in over 33 countries, in over 20 languages.

Shackleton is set to announce its first recruits shortly and is forecasting that it will announce its first client wins in late 2012.

Published on: 12:40PM on 13th September 2012