17th September 2012: Sky today announced that it has created a viewing panel of more than 500,000 Sky homes across the UK, providing greater insight into the viewing behaviours and preferences of Sky customers.

The new viewing panel will improve Sky’s understanding of the content and products that its customers most appreciate. The information it provides will also enable Sky’s customer intelligence experts Sky IQ to work with advertisers to gain a better understanding of how to reach their target audiences and analyse the effectiveness of specific TV advertising campaigns. The Sky viewing panel is designed to complement intelligence gathered from the existing BARB panel with information anonymised and aggregated at a household level.

In addition, the viewing information provided by Sky IQ will help form the basis of Sky AdSmart, a tailored advertising system that Sky’s advertising sales house Sky Media is developing for launch next year. Based on utilising a range of different audience segments identified by Sky IQ, Sky AdSmart will help deliver advertising that is more relevant to Sky customers.

Sky IQ was initially set up in 2010 as a joint venture with data specialists Experian, and from 2011 has been fully owned by Sky. It has worked extensively with Sky’s Sales and Marketing Group to improve marketing effectiveness, helping Sky reach its target of 10 million homes in the UK & Ireland by the end of 2011 and of becoming the UK's number 1 “triple-play” provider. Services Sky IQ provided to help Sky reach these milestones included using a detailed understanding of consumers to drive all customer interactions and employing a consolidated view of consumer behaviour as the basis for decision-making. Sky IQ also works for a wide range of third-party clients, including Molson Coors, Debenhams and Ladbrokes.

Tony Mooney, Deputy Managing Director, Sky IQ comments: “Having a viewing panel of 500,000 homes provides us with a better understanding than ever of the viewing habits of Sky customers. We’re looking forward to sharing these insights with brands and advertisers to help them reach their target audiences more effectively, as well as better analyse the impact of their TV campaigns.”

As announced this week, Channel 4 will start working with Sky IQ as part of a wider agreement with Sky. Under the terms of the deal, Channel 4 will receive insight and analysis from Sky IQ about viewing of Channel 4’s content across Sky's platforms. Channel 4 will receive anonymised and aggregated viewing information, helping it to understand its audiences better, with particular focus on how, when and where Channel 4 content is consumed.


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About Sky IQ

Sky IQ, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BSkyB, specialises in helping clients track customer data across a number of channels to provide them with a fuller picture of their consumers. This data-driven insight can be used to inform future marketing campaigns and steer strategy and investment.

Published on: 11:00AM on 17th September 2012