Online game attracts young drivers to sign up for lessons

BSM, the UK’s biggest and longest established driving school, has turned to digital marketing to recruit would-be-drivers. Design UK, together with the RAC owned-brand devised the idea of an online racing game called ‘Licence to Thrill’ ( to attract its core youth market. Site visitors are incentivised to play the online game with the chance to win their driving lessons and test for free - as well as the opportunity to have 5 hours on a BSM driving simulator at a reduced price of £49.

The game is hosted on a microsite which is accessible from the BSM and RAC websites. The site has been designed to allow BSM to capture data on potential customers who register to play the game and who enter the competitions with a view to other online marketing initiatives. The site will be promoted through links to the higher education site, UCAS, and through the Connexions Cards scheme for 16-to-19 year-olds on an ongoing basis.

BSM has traditionally attracted its target market though direct mail and press advertising but believes this new approach is more targeted and appropriate. Head of BSM-e, Michael Bolton, says, “I am delighted with Design UK’s fresh approach to our website. Early indications show that the game is being well received by our target audience.”

Scott Wilkinson, director at Design UK says, “Successful online marketing is all about understanding and matching the needs of your customers. This approach is perfect for attracting and keeping the interest of young learner drivers as well as spreading the word virally.”

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Published on: 12:00AM on 11th March 2005